Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    1-8-14 Bonnie V. Weidner to Michael A. Weidner, 6900 North Wildacre Road, $70,000.

    1-9-14 Fannie Mae to Heather M. and Benjamin S. Cantwell, 15721 West State Route 2, $41,690.

Benton Township

    1-10-14 Donald W. and Michelle L. Christie to Jason L. and Kayla S. Laubacher, 13280 Schiller Road, $290,000.

Catawba Township

    1-8-14 John G. Lancione to C. John Kronberg, 2790 Canterbury Circle, $325,000.

    1-8-14 Clara Mae Maag to John K. Maguire and Anne Shiple, 4150 North Grove Drive, $232,000.

    1-10-14 Donna J. Miller to Charles V.and Doris M. Kletecka, 4672 East Catawba Woods Road, $95,000.

    1-10-14 David E. and Elizabeth Eberhard to Ronald A. and Sandra J. Weiner, 4439 East Harbor’s Edge Drive, $364,000.

    1-10-14 Martin R. Cass to Bradon M. and Megan Ellis, 4079 East Beachwood, $394,100.

Marblehead Corp

    1-8-14 Smugglers Baypointe I LLC to Robert James and Sue Ann Henry, 10654 East Bayshore, $9,000.

    1-8-14 Smugglers Baypointe I LLC to Terry J. and Cecile L. Malish, 10654 East Bayshore, $8,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    1-10-14 James L. and Marcia L. Ritzman to C. Joe and Sandra T. Cook, 653 Orchard Drive, $126,000.

    1-10-14 John R. and Kathy L. Radar to John L. Rodrigue and Susan T. Hejhal, 123 Hayes Avenue, $103,900.

Put In Bay Village School

    1-9-14 Louis J. Giglotti Jr. to Danielle and Anthony D’Amico, Lot 158 Burgundy Bay, $8,000.

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