Real estate transfers

Allen Township

3-3-14 David F. and Debrah Y. Schings to Benjamin Tuite, 4417 North Opfer-Lentz Road, $178,000.

Bay Township

3-4-14 Mildred M. Nelson to Kenneth Laird, 4532 West Fremont Road, $115,000.

Benton Township

3-6-14 Chris H. and Karen L. Smeltzer to Throdore D. and Deborah K. Stelmaszak, 5100 North Graytown Road, $225,000.

3-6-14 Wayne Stiffler to Corrine M. Diefenthaler, 1093 West Duff Washa Road, $65,000.

Catawba Township

3-4-14 Barbara J. Bihun to Brendan J. Astley, 4259 North Converse Street, $500,400

Clay Township

3-3-14 Neil Wisniewski to Michael A. Dobrosky and Mallory L. Brown, 2209 North Reiman Road, $178,000.

Danbury Township

3-4-14 William F. Gomola to Thomas C. Novak and Amanda M. Scheel, 253 North Worthy Street, $20,000.

3-7-14 Geneva J. Lrynock to Curtis and Johanna Knoch, 0 Bayshore Drive, $26,000.

Elmore Corp.

3-4-14 Earl Wm Avers to Randall J. , Avers, Mark S. Avers, and Danne L. Welling, 705 Grandview Court, $210,000.

Erie Township

3-6-14 John and Kathy Rader to William H. and Brenda J. Woods, 49 Bertchen Street, $66,500.

3-7-14 Mike Sumonis to Gary L. and Carol Holden, 3930 West State Route 2, $31,000.

Genoa Corp.

3-6-14 James E. and Lou Ann Clabaugh to Kenneth E. and Laura M. Shields, 707 Cherry Street, $22,456.

Port Clinton Corp.

3-3-14 HSBC Bank USA to Ronald A. Peterlin, 903 East Third Street, $21,000.

3-3-14 Thomas E. Allen to Michael W. and Leslie E. Benton, 338 Harrison Street, $28,000.

3-3-14 Judith L. Pollock to Shannon I. Rogers, 723 Monroe Street, $40,000.

3-4-14 Macprep to Kenneth A. and Jalna S. MacLaren, 102 Madison Street #121, $29,950.

3-4-14 Macprep to Sandro R. Xavier da Silva and Ellie K. Maclaren, 102 Madison Street #123, $29950.

Salem Township

3-4-14 Thomas R. Dubbert to Wells Fargo Bank, 845 North Leutz Road, $83,334.

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