Real estate transfers


Allen Township

3-14-14 Patty L. Wright to Jason L. Farrell, 29214 North Fostoria, $117,500.

Carroll Township

3-14-14 John A. and Tina M. Glass to Nicholas and Adrianne E. Borjas, 0 West Strickle Toussaint, vacant land $20,000.

Catawba Township

3-11-14 Susan T. Cooper to Pamela Pulizzi, 4660 Catawba Woods, $67,000.

3-14-14 Richard and Heather Terlecki to Phyllis L. Snedegar, 5333 East Swan Drive, $315,000.

3-14-14 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Richard J. Norgard, 4404 East Konker Road, $78,000.

3-14-14 Kurtiss P. and Jennifer Hirt to Marcus D. Hart, 1522 NW Catawba Road, $137,500.

3-14-14 Alan W. Brass and Dana Fike-Brass to Mary D. Yark, 2759 B North Canterbury Circle, $307,000.

3-14-14 Ralph and Mary Ann Melvin to Dennis and Josephine Winchell, 1327 North Windward Drive, $22,000.

3-14-14 OPRS Communities to Burnell L. and M. Patricia Gates, 769 North Vineyard Circle, $247,278.

Elmore Corp.

3-10-14 Doris M. Corbley to Zachery A. Floro and Tasha B. Stucke, 735 Rice Street, $118,000.

Erie Township

3-13-14 James W. and Sherry K. Priesman to David W. Frank, 0 West Willow Beach, $1500.

3-14-14 LBC Enterprises, LLC to David W. Frank, 5971 West Camp Perry Western Road, $2,500.

Marblehead Corp

3-14-14 Robert M. and James J. Pigat to Paul W. Wright Jr and Barbara E. Wright, 4246 Memorial Shoreway, $252,500.

Port Clinton Corp.

3-14-14 Carol S. Holbert to Darlene Fahey, 216 Hayes Avenue, $58,000.

Portage Township

3-10-14 William Alden Orris et al to Al Baumann Chevrolet-Buick Inc., 255 SE Catawba Road, $250,000.

Salem Township

3-14-14 JPMorgan Chase Bank to Janice S. Pasch and Charles E. Chasteen, 3653 South Harris Salem Road, $64,000.

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