Real estate transfers

Bay Township

4-28-14 Michele Milazzo to Todd A. Carney, 1038 South Limestahl Road, $95,000.

4-29-14 Aaron T. Lindsey to Richard J. Ernst, 711 North Star Place, $224,000.

Benton Township

5-2-14 Danny L. Appelhans and Dawn M. Grieger to Jamie L. and Libby J. Arthur, 1783 North Walker Street, $82,500.

Catawba Township

4-28-14 Kevin Eden and Clarys Jamil to William D. and Linda H. Rotramel, 2700 D Canterbury Circle, $280,000.

4-28-14 Lost Lake Development, LLC to Richard and Heather Terlecki, 5367 Walls Channel Drive, $437,843.99.

5-1-14 Ralph Milhan Jr. and Kay Mulhan to Richard S. and Janice S. Helsper, 3209 North Utility, $195,000.

5-1-14 Davenport Real Estate Development LLC to John P. and Mary L. McNamara, 819 North Harbor Point, $50,000.

5-2-14 Sharon Stuart Obenauf and Carl D. Obenauf to David F. and Marsha A. Polus, 2730 North Bluff Ridge, $2,000,000.

Clay Township

4-29-14 Beth A. Pohlabel to Jeffrey K. Smalley and Lois A. Kersten, 2595 North 1st Street, $161,000.

Danbury Township

4-29-14 Matthew Lentini to Allan G. and Jane R. Churchmack, 2507 South Oak Knoll Drive, $164,000.

5-1-14 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to The Island Company LLC, 5831 State Route 163, Unit C-6, $72,000.

5-2-14 Carol L. Gellner to James E. Wagnitz, 377 North Lighthouse Oval, $132,500.

Marblehead Corp

4-30-14 Phillip A. Dress to Rose Lucas-Haninger, 922 West Main Street, $73,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

4-28-14 Randy and Dorene Lynd to Courtland D. Thompson, 801 West Third Street, $36,000.

5-2-14 Mark A. and Jennifer L. Buxton to The Bank of New York, 917 East Second Street, $171,748.

Portage Township

5-1-14 Janet M. Brosky to Tag Land Company, LLC, 680 Plasterbed, $72,000.

Salem Township

5-1-14 Gregory A. and Bonita R. Stepanian, 105 North Wexford, $230,000.

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