Real estate transfers

Bay Township

    5-19-14 Robert L. Lynes and Joyce Hargrove to Pennymac Corp., 3085 West Canal Road, $60,000.    

Benton Township

    5-19-14 Springleaf Financial Services to CR Homes LLC, 6414 North State Route 2, $13,340.

Carroll Township

    5-23-14 Mary Alice Schultz to Ryan William Schimmoeller, 0 West Camp Perry Western, $42,000.

    5-23-14 Larry C. and Judy A. White to Scott J. Bowe, 6689 North Earl Avenue, $15,000.

Catawba Township

    5-19-14 TAJ Inc to FJVB LLC, 3190 North Carolina Street, $64,000.

    5-19-14 Sunshine Land II LLC to Scott R. and Danielle N. Raybuck, 779D Canterbury Circle, $255,000.

    5-23-14 Snyder Enterprises to Matthew and Melissa Franks, 4906 East Wood Court, $50,000. 

    5-23-14 Marjorie Aigler Martin to Jeffrey E. and Wendy J. Taylor, 4434 East Harbor’s Edge Drive, $254,000.

Danbury Township

    5-20-14 Debra K. Wagenhals to Alfred A. and Mary A. Kennedy, 5220 East Wohlers Avenue, $110,000.

    5-20-14 Alfred A. and Mary A. Kennedy to Kurt A. Bischoff and Lara J. Miesle, 92 North Erie Beach Road, $149,000.

    5-23-14 Gerald F. and Virgina L. Doyle to Daniel and Angela Biddlecombe, 1510 North Buck Road #70, $127,000.

    5-23-14 Irvin Jr. and Myra K. Baker to David and Rebecca, Jessica and Joseph W. Reinhart, 282 Willow Drive, $100,000.

    5-23-14 Terri L. Rush to Brentley A. Walton, 1835 Bayview Drive, $18,500.

Elmore Corp.

    5-21-14 Elnora M. Helmeci to Shaun M. Yurista, 352 Huron Street, $75,000.

Erie Township

    5-20-14 Betty J. Delmaine to William F. and Jill P. Sowers, 4256 West Lakeshore Drive, $8,600.

Marblehead Corp.

    5-19-14 John E. and Holly N. Lehlbach to Huck B. and Julie V. Hayes, 3195 Confederate Drive, $405,000.

    5-23-14 David Anthony Holden and Cecilia Fox Holden, 142 Bay Breeze, $340,000.

Oak Harbor Corp.

    5-19-14 SRMOF II 2012-1 Trust Bank to Kevin Phillips, 509 North Locust Street, $34,000.

    5-19-14 Andrea M. Cheatham to Wells Fargo Bank, 347 North Benton Street, $60,000.

    5-20-14 Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Dana K. Bollin, 306 Harvest Lane, $70,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    5-22-14 Dale E. and Carol A. Engler to Jimmy N. and Reggie Case, 111 Walnut Street, $110,000.

    5-23-14 Lawrence Paul Vana to Christine Marie Wolfe, 1801 East Perry Street #14, $30,000.

    5-23-14 Richard L. and Diana C. Powers to Timothy F. and Jennifer M. Allen, 727 Grant Street, $185,000.

Portage Township

    5-20-14 Eagle’s Nest Hangars LLC to Brustol Trails LLC, 750 SE Catawba Road, $77,000.

    5-23-14 James P. Greer and Jean K. VanCauwenbergh to Mark J. and Jackie M. Baker, 2349 East Sand Road, $290,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    5-23-14 Amy Murphy to Vincent J. Jr. and Heidi I. Bilardo, 830 Evelyn Road, $294,000.

Salem Township

    5-21-14 Steven D. Nighswander to Homely Properties LLC, 2241 South Crawford Road, $49,000.

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