Real estate transfers

Benton Township

    7-11-14 Ashvin K. Shah to Robert J. and Machell F. Lajti, 2380 Rocky Ridge Road, $27,000.

Carroll Township

    7-7-14 Justin D. and Marcy A. Raus to Sean G. Moore, 7240 Rankie Road, $269,000.

    7-7-14 Roger and Charlene Long to Melvin E. William Jr. and Teresa A. Williamson, 1085 North Bass, Unit 4056, $16,800.

    7-8-14 Douglas D. and Stacey A. Hosey to Jodi L. and Bruce A. Ferguson, 6791 Pearl Street, $140,000.

    7-9-14 Lennie W. Zunk to Tracy J. and Lisa M. Bodi, 0 Rider Road, $55,000.

Catawba Township

    7-7-14 Marjorie H. Kresge to William R. and Jane M. Verne, 4762 Woodland Drive, $300,000.

    7-7-14 Thomas and Deborah Bennett to E. James Stengle III and Barbara M. Stengle, 3764 Overlook, $70,000.

    7-8-14 Connie R. Wullschlager to Richard C. Michaels, 3659 North Southway, new split $59,900.

    7-9-14 Roger L. and Joyce L. Davis to Marc and Lori Holland, 2830 Canterbury Circle Unit B, $283,000.

    7-9-14 Catawba-Cleveland Development Corp. to CIC Development, LLC, 2935 North Sanctuary, $40,000.

    7-9-14 CIC Development, LLC to Marjorie S. and Gary D. Kresge, 2935 North Sanctuary, $199,000.

    7-11-14 Frank E. and Mary H. Mehwald to James J. and Kathleen M. Proctor, 3240 North Marina View #10, $275,000.

    7-11-14 Phyllis R. and Jack S. Ott to Timothy J. and Maureen A. Peppard, 3581 East Eagle Beach Circle, $225,000.

    7-11-14 Thomas A. and Constance A. Polidoro to Richard and RoseMarie Micliz, 4817 East Wood Duck Court, $422,000.

Clay Center Corp

    7-7-14 Carolyn M. Schaupert to Ricky and Shelley Kay Miner, 235 2nd Street, $56,000.

Clay Township

    7-7-14 Four Winds Investments, Ltd to Joshua M. Wolfe, 20400 West Moline-Martin Road, $130,000.

Danbury Township

    7-7-14 FCO RESI REO, LLC to Harbor’s End Condominium, 6005 East Harbor Road, $10.00.

    7-8-14 UNCLE LIN, LLC to Dennis J. and Joan M. Patthof, 2765 Waterside Court, $198,000.

    7-8-14 Gribble Insurance Agency to Joseph M. and Colleen Q. Wendling, 5831 East Harbor Road, $49,900.

    7-10-14 Frances S. Tractor et al to Michael J. and Sandra L. Dougher, 6746 Bayshore Road, $225,000.

    7-11-14 Marblehead Partners, LLC to David A. Nott Jr. and Jennifer L. Nott, 540 North Lake Pine Drive, $89,910.

    7-11-14 Balzer to Daniel P. and Lynn M. Noll, 161 North Laser Avenue, $118,000.

Harris Township

    7-8-14 Sandra L. Volschow to Gary D. and Janel M. Erick, 15330 West State Route 105, $85,000.

Marblehead Corp

    7-10-14 Irvin J. and Darlene J. Davis to Lee R. and Cynthia J. Walker, 126 West Main Street, $90,000.

    7-10-14 Bay Point Acquisition, LLC to Robert Andrew and Patricia M. Schiesswohl, 170 Bay Breeze Drive, $380,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    7-8-14 Michael T. and Heidi M. Rife to U S Bank National Association, 195 Harvest Lane, $43,334.

    7-11-14 Anita L. Febrey to William T. White, 240 East Water Street, $159,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-8-14 Marilyn M. Bradley to Jeffrey R. and Saundra L. Campbell, 505 Lakeshore Drive, $114,000.

    7-10-14 Jerry Russ to MOD Development, LLC, 114 East Fifth Street, $30,000.

    7-11-14 Rodney A. and Diana M. Blevins to Federal National Mortgage Association, 412 Lincoln Drive,$53,752.

    7-11-14 Bridget M. and Stephen H. Dolin to Bad Holdings, LLC, 1801 East Perry Street #18, $181,700.

Put In Bay Village School

    7-8-14 Dwight B. and Pamela J. Tigges to Todd and Heidi Tigges, 690 West Shore Blvd., $500,000.

Rocky Ridge Corp

    7-7-14 Byron J. Warvel Jr. to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 1052 North West Street,$40,000.

Salem Township

    7-11-14 Todd C. and Deborah S. Heiks to Mark A. Baugartner, 0 State Route 105, $73,000.

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