Real estate transfers

Allen Township

    8-20-14 Patrick F X and Tracy A. Gallagher to Jonathna T. Gregg, 20987 West Toledo Street, $80,000.

    8-20-14 Steve Horvath to Brian M. Estevanes , 29244 Fostoria Road, $111,500.

Benton Township

    8-21-14 Daniel H. Rife to Franklin J. and Bonnie M. Adkins, 361 North Rocky Ridge Road, $139,000.

Carroll Township

    8-19-14 Road End Cottage LLC to James M. Linke, 0 Long Beach, vacant land $1,000.

    8-22-14 Ronnie F. Guy Jr. to Adam P. and Melissa Wright, 1710 North Kristen Drive, $137,000.

Catawba Township

    8-18-14 Bank of America to Kenneth and Michelle Recker, 4769 East Wood Duck court, $343,059.

    8-18-14 John A. and Donna M. Grandetti to Richard P. and Bictoria A. Grag, 1518 NW Catawba Road Unit !, $140,000.

    8-18-14 Edna Theo Johnson to Quinstock Farms LLC, 1128 NE Catawba Road, $135,000.

    8-18-14 Charles A. and Patricia McCosh to Todd and Diane L. Fowles, 5631 East Eagle Drive, $232,000.

    8-20-14 Lawrence E. and Barbara L. Leese to Edward R. Zimmerman, Kevin W. Hart and Ryan W. Hart, O North Windward, $23,500.

    8-22-14 Stanley M. and Mira L. Palmer to Eric S. and Gail A. Schriver, 1157 Lost Lake Drive, $379,000.

    8-22-14 Snyder Enterprises to Jason A. and Sarah E. Kraus, 4785 Wood Duck Court, $56,000.

Clay Township

    8-19-14 Robert Houghton to Orpha S. Lewis, 21581 West State Route 51, $51,000.

Danbury Township

    8-18-14 Adnauseam LLC to Steven H. and Heather L. Silverman, 317 Lynn Avenue, $270,000.

    8-18-14 West Harbor Lagoons Boataminium Condominium to James D. and Jill M. Iacozili, 1510 North Buck Road #60, $75,400.

    8-19-14 G. Keith and Gwen E. Addy to Brett A. and Michelle A. Waldron, 9052 East Parkview Court, $205,000.

    8-19-14 Mary Ellen Leviton to Mark A. and Lisa A. Urruitia, 531 Cedar Avenue, $188,000.

    8-20-14 Lakeside Investment Holdings, LLC to Roger and Arlene Kalkbrenner, 240 Oak Avenue, $237,250.

    8-20-14 Jackson Owen Dilts to Steve Frank, 5540 Windjammer Avenue, $135,000.

    8-22-14 Marblehead Partners, LLC to Christopher A. and Jennifer Schoonover, 459 North Lake Pine Drive #3, $85,410.

Elmore Corp.

    8-18-14 Ruth E. Weis to KPEA Original, LLC, 336-338 Rice Street, $25,000.

    8-22-14 Jennifer A. Laub to Raymond Z. St. Marie, 339 Fremont Street, $71,000.

    8-22-14 Fannie Mae to Julie M. and Bryan C. Girand, 260 Clinton Street, $44,000.

Erie Township

    8-20-14 Stephen J. and Melissa K. Hathaway to Jack F. and Maribeth J. Biehler, 5120 West Harbor Road, $167,000.

Genoa Corp.

    8-20-14 Cecil Binion Jr. to Thomas Marruquin and Brandi Bullerwell, 2997 Downing, $41,800.

    8-21-14 Howard R. and Carolyn L. Brown to Carol A. and Kevin P. Abbey, 22581 West State Route 163, $99,900.

    8-21-14 Neil Wisniewski to Nathan and Ashley A. Egbert, 4000 Windsor Court, $285,000.

Harris Township

    8-21-14 Portage River Farms LLC to Portage Acres LLC, 11.3 acres West State Route 105, $134,000.

    8-21-14 Robert A. and Marilyn D. Kasayka to Kimberly A. Korek and Michael P. Clark, 18734 West State Route 105, $124,900.

Marblehead Corp

    8-18-14 Frank and Barbara Hedges to Ted E. and Margaret Roudebush, 0 West View Drive, $69,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    8-21-14 Jane M. Mallernee to Eric C. and Nicole A. Sweet, 225 South Robinson Drive, $182,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    8-20-14 Jerri A. Jaceman to Francis J. Anderson and Sara E. Riesman, 225 West Lakeshore Drive, $142,000.

    8-22-14 Michael A. and Denise Hensley to Linda L. Ambrose and Robert J. Allen, 124 Clinton Reef Drive, $121,000.

    8-22-14 Margaret J. Perez to Jerad B. and Melissa R. Kildoo, 503 West Lakeshore Drive #B-13, $78,000.

Portage Township

    8-18-14 Catawba Construction to David Rudiger, Unit 15 Catawba Storage, $25,000.

    8-22-14 Storage Condominiums, Inc. to Charles V. and Victoria I. Kletecka, #217 Northcoast Storage, $43,900. 

Sand Beach

    8-19-14 Raymond J. Taylor to Charles E. and Leanne K. Jaeger, 7765 Sand Beach Road, $229,000.

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