Real Estate Transfers

Allen Township

    7-23-14 Thomas L. Cashen Jr. to John F. Wright Jr. and Barbara S. Wright, 22090 West Allen Drive, $135,000.

Bay Township

    7-23-14 Robert Dale VanNostran to Thomas J. and Donna L. Gehring, 531 South Findley #164, $29,900.   

Carroll Township

    7-24-14 Donald L. Cherry to Mark A. Goad, 8943 Canada Goose Court, $60,000.

Catawba Township

    7-21-14 Claude A. and Ruth A. Sammons to Cara Jonas and Brian Siler, 4690 East Johnson, $187,000.

    7-25-14 Beach Towne, LLC to Lawrence J. and Judith A. VanCamp, 3183 North Beach Towne Court, $305,000.

Danbury Township

    7-22-14 John R. Meter to Cliff and Christine Gerber, 8452 East Bayshore Road, $65,000.

    7-22-14 Gary A. and Donna V. Kazimir to Donald W. Meier Jr. and Jacqueline S. Meier, 216 North Riedmaier Drive, $115,000.

    7-25-14 Marblehead Partners LLC to Christine A. McCarthy, 459 North Lake Pine Drive #2, $89,900.

    7-25-14 Judith Craig to Larry & Kallen Brown, 226 Vine Avenue, $275,000.

Genoa Corp.

    7-21-14 Craig J. and Erin E. Febinger to James C. and Jamie M. Wirick, 209 West 9th Street, $137,000.

    7-24-14 Betty Jane Harsanje to Kenneth Lee Harsanje Jr. and Jill M. Harsanje, 0 Wilson Street, new split $5,000.

Harris Township

    7-21-14 Randall J. Ross to Rick and Christine Vail, 1028 South Graytown Road, $45,000.

    7-22-14 Charles Jones Produce, LLC to Jerry R. and Casandra A. Hetrick, 1980 Harris  Salem Road, $379,200.

    7-22-14 Charles Jones Produce, LLC to Jerry R. and Casandra A. Hetrick, 1980 Harris Salem Road, $652,800.

Marblehead Corp

    7-25-14 US Bank to Kimberly K. Bossetti and Joseph G. Miller, 1321 East Fourth Street, $163,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    7-25-14 Household Realty Corp. to Earl Taylor, 309 West Oak, $19,000.

Port Clinton Corp.

    7-21-14 Richard R. Staimpel to Michael A. and Linda L. Cramer, 1909 East Harbor Road #304, $202,500.

    7-21-14 Jerry L. McClellan to Frackhead, LLC, 1626 Waters Edge Drive, $240,000.

    7-24-13 Milferd F. Easton to Beverly A. Gower, 323 West 4th Street, $83,000.

    7-25-14 James E. and Judith A. Armbruster to Dency J. Terrill, 714 Glendale Drive, $128,000.

    7-25-14 Steve Offenbacher to Julie M. Mackey-Snyder, 811 Kaspar Street, $121,000.

Portage Township

    7-25-14 Storage Condominiums, Inc. to Charles and Patsy Postma, East Kirk #220 Northcoast Storage, $43,900.

    7-25-14 John A. Balch to Gribble Insurance Agency, Inc., Unit 14 Catawba Storage, $25,000.

Salem Township

    7-25-14 Genoa Banking Company to Kenneth W. and Debra G. Sharkey, 9511 West Moonlight Bay Lane, $270,000.


Real estate transfers 4.25

Carroll Township

    4-15-13 Shelley J. Sutherland to Leslee Smith, 0 Locust Street, $7,000.

Catawba Township

    4-15-13 Teri Dawn Anders to Christopher E. and Lori A. Schadewald, East Catawba Road, vacant land $210,000.

    4-17-13 Timothy and Melinda Martin to Robert A. Shannon, 3990 & 3992 North Haven Lane, $144,000.

    4-19-13 Nan Rollins and James and Nancy Sagal, 1599 NW Catawba Road, $135,000.

Clay Township

    4-16-13 Susan K. Rothert to Board of Clay Township Trustees, West Fulkert Road, new split $50,000.

    4-19-13 David L. Shessler to Jeffrey A. Trainer, 0 Martin Williston Road, $14,000.

    4-19-13 Michael R. McGeorge to Thomas C. Robinson Jr., 20170 West Moline Martin Road, $80,000.

Danbury Township

    4-15-13 Garnet M. Bailey to Christine M. Wolf, 2503 South Cooks Dock Road, $275,000.

    4-19-13 Jerry and Germaine Leonard to Robert and Lisa Schrock, 524 West Sixth Street, $307,000.

….4-19-13  Donald and Rebecca Clemons to Fritz and Kathleen Brosien, 1695 South Jeannie Drive, $275,000.

Elmore Corp.

    4-16-13 Jordan J. Diekman to Lindsey E. Diekman, 256 Harris Street, $85,000.

Erie Township

    4-19-13 Max Richard Miller to James M. and Kim M. Gibson, Water Slip Unit 65 Vacationland Marina Condominium, $3,000.

Genoa Corp.

    4-16-13 US Bank Association to Donald Gruber, 501 Superior Street, $42,000.

Marblehead Corp

    4-15-13 Rhea Browning to James and Deborah Haag, 10654 East Bayshore Unit 51, $310,000.

    4-18=13 Norbert Schmitz to Gus Peyton III and Heather Peyton, 2114 South Sugarbush Road, $123,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

    4-15-13 Adam and Nedene Monforton to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund, 308 Portage Street, $100.

Port Clinton City

    4-16-13 Gail Trent to Billie Trent, 127 Linden Street, $43,000.

    4-19-13 First Financial Bank to Curtis S. Knoch, 531 Jackson Street, $30,000.

…4-19-13 Johanne C. Wight to Cory Middleton, 319 Jefferson Street, $76,300.

Put In Bay Village School

    4-18-13 George R. Stoiber to Linda J. Mahoney, Lot 73 Victory Park, $4,520.

Rocky Ridge Corp

    4-17-13 Emil L. Bloomfield to Timothy R. Brown, 0 West Third Street, $15,000.

Salem Township

    4-17-13 Janet Luda to Justin and Ashlee Auble, 9448 West State Route 163, $118,900.


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