Real estate transfers

Real estate transfers
Bay Township
   9-18-12 Kellee Mizen to Zachary Zilba, 6830 Portage River South Road, $75,000.
   9-20-12 Erie Island Resort & Marina Inc to Todd P. and Diane M. Winkie, vacant land, Darr Hopfinger Road, $25,000.
    9-21-12 William C. and Dianna L. Reed to Thomas Dewayne Proxmire, 4764 West Little Portage East Road, new split, $23,500.
Carroll Township
    9-20-12 Evelyn D. Sprague to Larry E. Mote, 8833 Canada Goose Court, $56,000.
Genoa Corp.
    9-19-12 Federal Home Loan mortgage Corporation to Christopher B. LaRoche and Kendall L. Freyer, 1518 Superior Street, $85,133.
    9-20-12 Fannie Mae to Chad and Jennifer Bomyea, 401 West 4th Street, $74,900.
Catawba Township
    9-21-12 Joseph A. Zulo to Roger Newman, water slip W-130, $3,000.
Danbury Township
    9-20-12 Robert L. and Mary T. James to Claudine A. Robertson, 702 East Third Street, $30,000.
Marblehead Corp
   9-21-12 Darylene A. Herold to Calvin F. and Janet E. Hiser, 10654 East Bayshore Road #85, $195,000.
Erie Township
    8-19-12 Tri Coast Holdings to William John Brackett, 6170 West Lakeshore Drive, $60,900.
Elmore Corp.
    9-17-12 Thomas A. and Sharon R. Crozier to Larger LLC, 409 Rice Street, $102,000.
Portage Township
    9-17-12 Mitchell and Marsha Warnike to Vergie Gipson Jr. and Mary Ann Gipson, Unit 336 Catawba Storage, $30,000.
    9-17-12 Winkoe LLC to William Taylor, Unit 134 Northcoast Storage Condo, $47,500.
    9-17-12 Seth Burkin and Gary Burkin to Seth and Heather Rakestraw, 3153 East Shore Drive, $255,000.
    9-19-12 National Bank of Oak Harbor to Scot A. Smith, 2435 Gill Road, $190,000.
Port Clinton City
    9-18-12 Shay J. Myers to Dennis L. and Patricia L. Fligor, 330 Maple, $16,000.
    9-19-12 Elizabeth A. Vento to Thomas C. and Nichole A. Horman, 218 Clinton Reef, $105,500.
    9-21-12 Jason R. and Stephanie M. Weeks to Burton R. Spry, 639 Monroe Street, $53,500.
Put In Bay Village School
    9-17-12 Patricia Braden to Forrest Trisler, vacant land, Langram, $92,500.


Harry Gebhardt, Jan. 2, 1930-Sept. 14, 2012

Harry T. Gebhardt, 82, of Port Clinton, passed away Friday, Sept. 14, at his residence.

Visitation will be 5-8 p.m., Tuesday, Sept.18, at Gerner-Wolf-Walker Funeral Home & Crematory, Port Clinton. Funeral service will be conducted at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday in the funeral home. Interment will be in Catawba Island Cemetery, Port Clinton.


Crawford Sowell

Crawford S. Sowell, 81, of Oak Harbor and formerly of Sandusky, died Saturday, Sept. 15, at Magruder Hospital, Port Clinton.  Graveside services will be 2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18, at Clay Township Cemetery.  Arrangements are being handled by Robinson-Walker Funeral Home and Crematory, Genoa.


Marriage licenses

Marriage Licenses
• David Bonney, 32, production, and Hannah Boreman, 25, server, both of Port Clinton.
• Adrian Hall, 37, foreman, and Melissa Garza, 36, medical biller, both of Port Clinton.
• J. Barry Koehler, 30, construction, and Phoebe Tracey, 26, bartender, both of Put-in-Bay.
• David Caswell, 45, engineering tech, and Marjorie Bowser, 52, weighmaster, both of Lorida, FL.
• Joseph Santana, 54, musician, and Leslie Cowan, 50, self-employed, both of Jacksonville, FL.
• Nicholas Gerber, 31, insurance broker, and Jenna Monica, 23, nurse, both of Port Clinton.
• Joseph Pavlick, 46, operating engineer, and Patricia Price, 44, hotel worker, both of Marblehead.



Marge Foster


Marge Foster, 89, of Port Clinton, passed away Friday, Aug. 31, at her daughter's residence in Columbus.  Arrangements are pending at Gerner-Wolf-Walker Funeral Home & Crematory, Port Clinton.



Real estate transfers

Allen Township
    8-24-12 James and Rebecca Taylor to Duane C and Jennifer K. Heinze, 7134 North Cedar Street, $171,000.
    8-30-12 Joanne M. Wheeler to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 24056 West Young Road, $86,667.

Benton Township
    8-30-12 The Home Savings & Loan, to Edward G. Patrick Jr., 13275 West Kolb Road, $102,400.

Rocky Ridge Corp.
   8-30-12 Charles E. and Coletta S. Chasteen to 21st Mortgage Corporation, 910 North Lickert Harder Road, $28,667.

Bay Township
    8-28-12 Betty S. Parker to Patrick L. and Janine H. Hoffman, 685 Streeter Street, $130,000.

Carroll Township
    8-23-12 Lois A. Hurrell to Sarah A. and Chad A. Thompson, 7225 West Toussaint Club Road, $15,500.
    8-24-12 Robert C. and Gloria J. Walter to Craig and Robin Stiles, 6585 Califorina Drive, $36,000.
    8-27-12 Lorayne McCaughtry, Nancy J. Menke and Luann Cramer to John H. and Scarlet Dosh, 6815 North Joan Avenue, $100,000.
    8-27-12 Randall W. and Christine M. Roth to Robert A. and Kristen M. Witt, 10120 West Locust Point Road, $30,000.

Clay Township
    8-21-12 First Federal Bank of the Midwest to Nathan T. Van Ness, 2275 North First Street, $25,000.
    8-30-12 Patrick Robinson Sr. to Lawrence J. Miller, 2706 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $125,000.

Catawba Township
    8-20-12 Mark D. and Kayleen S. Lee to Janice L. Viau, 1763 NE Catawba Road #224, $48,900.
    8-21-12 Russell D. Smith to Fannie Mae, 2720 East Sand Road, $98,000.
    8-22-12 Peggy J. Wear to Jerry V. and Michele A. Benko, 1763 NE Catawba Road #232, $72,500.
    8-23-12 Brian L. and Nancy M. Caldwell to James D. Brennan, East Commodore Drive, $6,200.
    8-23-12 Steven and Michele Wallace to Terrance and Carol Dean, 1541 North Anchor Avenue, $304,500.
    8-23-12 Richard L. McCally to Tim D. and Holly L. Amidon, 613 North Hidden Harbor Drive, $247,500.
    8-23-12 John E. Koher and Russell B. Walcher to Roger J. Riachi, 3376 North Karwood, $314,000.
    8-24-12 Marydana Johns to Myrna A. Pastore, 4730 East Cliff Road, $349,000.
    8-30-12 Gary Weimerskirch and Betsy Hancock to Anne M. Wojton, 5846 East Peach Street, $157,000.
    8-30-12 Bank of America to Sean K. Williams, 5931 East Basin Drive, $325,000.
    8-31-12 Davenport Real Estate LLC to Raymond A. and Diane M. Young, 823 North Falling Waters, $45,000.
    8-31-12 Louis and Cynthia Ball to Micheal and Tracy Westerfeld, 180 North Crest Drive, $170,000.
    8-31-12 James B. and Charmin Smith to William L. and Kathleen S. Osborne, 2695 North Canterbury Circle, Unit C, $265,000.
    8-31-12 Elizabeth Vasas to James and Lori Young, 2255 Helsman Drive, $120,000.
    8-31-12 Jacquelyn Russak to Michelle Lyke, 1384 North McCoy Avenue, $49,000.
    8-31-12 Stephen and Renee McClellan to Gary and Barbara Hatton, 2820-A Canterbury Circle, $205,000.

Danbury Township
    8-20-12 Susan Scheutzow to James P. Ohlin, 533 Vine Street, $236,500.
    8-20-12 John Wuorinen and Elizabeth Nusken to Jerri Lybarger and Milton Lewis, 530 Cedar Street, $181,500.
     8-21-12 Steffanie Norris to Curtis and Johanna Knoch, vacant lot Port Clinton Eastern Road, $115,000.
    8-27-12 Kathryn O. and Scott J. Venema to Robert H. Huntington and Susan M. McCafferty, 629 Maple Avenue, $290,000.
    8-27-12 Gardner L. and Cynthia J. Bandfield to Daniel P. and Denise A. McManamon, 2293 Harbor Bay, $70,000.
    8-29-12 Habitat for Humanity to Christian A. Mahler, 7223 East Tanglewood Drive, $102,500.
    8-29-12 Robert J. Kurant and Ruth A. Mazur to Brett E. and Cari A. Beers, 361 North Hidden Beach, $65,000.
    8-30-12 Paul Flickinger to Larry and Barbara Uland, 97 North Margaret Drive, $116,500.
    8-30-12 Warren E. Kirwin to Alan and Kimberly Diefenthaler, 2418 Knob Hill, $120,000.
   8-31-12 Rebecca R. Price to Charles L. and Carol Ann Arntz, 358 North Lighthouse Oval, $137,000.
   8-31-12 James Greetham Jr. to John and Kimberly Miraldi, 826 East Second Street, $335,000.
  8-31-12 Ronald and Great DeWalt to Elizabeth A. Kesterson, 1070 North Buck Road, $20,000.

Marblehead Corp
    8-20-12 The Old Fort Banking Company to Larz, LLC, 812 East Main Street, $495,000.
    8-20-12 Joseph R. Leach to Ronald R. and Monte Rybarczyk, 3854 South Memorial Shoreway, $489,000.
    8-21-12 Toni Dagg and William Warnecke to Matthew and Juana Barrow, 3646 Confederate Drive, $590,000.
    8-31-12 Bay Point Acquisition LLC to Kerry R. and Maria P. Kessel, 493 Bay Point Blvd., $460,000.

Elmore Corp.
    8-31-12 Bill’s Masonry Inc. to Robert Allen Herrig Sr. and Deborah Lou Herrig, Ottawa Street, $3,000.

Erie Township
    8-22-12 Catherine J. Vollmer to Jamie M. Ashton, 539 North Carroll-Erie Road, $43,000.
    8-22-12 Daniel E. Preston to John D. Snyder, 3750 Vickery Road, $53,800.
    8-24-12 Lori Debacco to Peggy and Donald Shaw, 1229 West Lakeshore Drive, $269,300.

Port Clinton City

    8-21-12 Curtis Knoch to Joshua Terry, 212 East Fourth Street, $106,500.
    8-23-12 Michael J. and Gail L. Barker to Federal National Mortgage Association, 720 East Fifth Street, $40,000.
    8-23-12 Heineman Properties of Port Clinton LLC to Catherine Volmar, 331 West Fourth Street, $30,000.
    8-27-12 Christopher and Laura George to Jeffrey S. Nemeck, 749 Clinton Street, $133,500.
    8-30-12 Mary Lynne Hugert to Louis Brian and Annie R. Hild, 1004 Jefferson Street, $139,000.
    8-31-12 Lawrence Hamann Jr. To Daniel and Adelina, 316 Walnut Street, $43,000.

Put In Bay Village School

    8-24-12 Lynne E. Pape to Cherilyn M. Scurtz and Jacob N. Maciejewski, 1602 Airline Drive, $366,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Mark Mathys, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 2 & 6, $100,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Paul Jeris, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 3, $50,000.
    8-27-12 John R. Donahue to Paul Jeris, 1230 Tri Motor Unit 7, $50,000. 

Put In Bay Corp.
    8-29-12 PIB Homes LLC to Commodore Resorts, lot 7, $300,000.

Salem Township
    8-30-12 Donna G. and Glenn H. Witter et al to Federal Home loan Mortgage Corporation, 344 North Leutz Road, $10,000.

Oak Harbor Corp.
    8-31-12 Huntington National Bank to Eric Kaiser, 188 Coopers Trail, $186,000.
    8-28-12 Steven P. and Lisa G. Slomsky to Paul E. and Patricia G. Coutcher, 209 South Robinson Drive, $162,000.

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