Real Estate Transfers 3-4-21

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Allen Township

02/22/2021 Ann C Mann to Carole J Beamer and Linda E Schlievert, 0 Opfer Lentz Road, $133,350.

02/22/2021 James P Schlievert Sr to Carole J Beamer and Lina E Schlievert, 0 Opfer Lentz Road, $133,350.

02/23/2021 Robert L and Andrea M Hahn to Joseph D Woody and Courtney Jablonski, 5399 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $260,000.

Bay Township

02/26/2021 Richard L and Wendy G Campbell to Shannon L Rogers, 935 S Limestahl Road, $225,000.

Clay Center Corp

02/23/2021 Peter C and Lisa M Fehner to Steven G and Andrea N Seeger, 5475 South Martin Williston Road, $316,000.

Benton Township

02/25/2021 James A Rose to Jacob Mattimoe, 16920 West Railroad Street, $40,000.

Carroll Township

02/23/2021 Amanda J and Larry S Webb to LaVaughn Chaffee-Birnbaum, 6527 Teal Bend, $79,900.

02/26/2021 Donald J Rayoum to Brenda Butler, 10158 Locust Point, $25,000.

02/26/2021 Pioneer Properties LLC to Isaiah R Garza, 6689 North Earl Street, $26,500.00

Catawba Island Township

02/22/2021 Angelyn F Dornauer and Robert J Dornauer to James P and Susan D Finn, Part Lot 126 Catawba Cliffs, $14,693.

02/22/2021 Michael D and Cheryl M Greene to Blake N and Julie L Tucker, 2051 North Carriage Lane, $700,000.

02/22/2021 David E Schweighoeger and Heidi A Schuur Schweighoeger to Frank and Patricia Netry, 5248 Redbud Drive, $570,000.

02/23/2021 Michael E and Debra Weigel to Mark J and Jennifer K Sims, 4355 B Marin, $485,000.

02/25/2021 Karen Korab to Jennifer Collins, 80 North Harbors End Drive, $239,000.

02/26/2021 James c Parker to Heidi Marie Morris, 4300 Marin Woods Drive, $184,000.

02/26/2021 Pauline L Basinger to Earlene Taylor, 657 Hidden Harbor, $330,000.

Danbury Township

02/23/2021 LKSD Properties LLC to Karla J Quinn, 336 Poplar, $505,000.

02/25/2021 Beverly B and Richard H Comings to Michael Heath and Jennifer M Comings, 721 Peach Street, $230,000.

02/26/2021 Vicki R Morrison to Scott D Podolan, 172 Spring Crest Drive, $105,000.

02/26/2021 WTA LTD to James and Jennifer E Stange, 8325 Gravel Bar Road, $535,000.

Port Clinton Corp

02/21/2021 Matthew L and Rachell L Paeth to Ethan a Binger and Samantha L Schlett, 1112 Grant Street, $177,900.

02/25/2021 Elaine E Heise to Robert O Neil, 905 East Second Street, $109,500.

02/26/2021 Diane M Chaplin to Dock One LLC, 276 Clinton Reef Drive, $145,000.

02/26/2021 LWP316, LLC to Michael J and Julie Lowry, 328 Clinton Reef, $152,000.

Portage Township

02/26/2021 Knoll Crest Investors LTD to Floorstiles LLC, 1.3328 acres Southeast Catawba Road, $700,000.

Put In Bay Village School

02/26/2021 Minority Contacting Ltd to Eric James and Simone Correa Leite Puening, 1230 Tri Motor Drive, $232,500.

Put In Bay Township

02/26/2021 Equity Trust Company fbo Kelly Henry to Equity Trust Company fbo Jerry Nott, 1588 Starboard Trail, $36,400.

Salem Township

02/26/2021 Ashley and Edward Udischas to Jesse Wright, 2504 South Muddy Creek North Road, $59,900.

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