2 Feet Under will stay on top of the crowd at June 21 RiverFront Live concert

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2 Feet Under will bring their unique performance to RiverFront Live on June 21. (Submitted photo)


The next RiverFront Live concert on June 21 at The District in downtown Port Clinton will give the crowd the opportunity to enjoy the unique sound of the two-man band, 2 Feet Under. Steve “Krash” Klimack of Marblehead and Jimmy “Jams” Olsen of Catawba Island unite their talents in 2 Feet Under to create one of the few local bands that feature a drum and guitar duet.

“There are few duets with a drum and guitar combination in the area,” Olsen said. “We are able to play small venues because Steve plays with a reduced-sized drum kit.”

In addition to drums and other percussion, Klimack also does vocals. Olsen does vocals and electric and acoustic guitar. They perform a variety of music from the past and today, with an emphasis on classic rock.

“We’ve been together at least five years,” Olsen said. “We play all around – in Marblehead, Catawba, Port Clinton and Put-in-Bay.”

2 Feet Under likes to stay on top of the crowd.

“There’s no wall between us and the crowd,” Olsen said. “We really like to engage with the crowd. We start with a set list, and five songs in, we jump into whatever the crowd wants.”

To Olsen and Klimack, “the crowd” includes the children in the audience. The men bring percussion toys and invite the kids to play along with them.

“We get them up there to play and jump around. We pick songs on purpose that have a hard beat so they can play along,” Olsen said. “Steve delights in encouraging future drummers and driving parents crazy.”

Including kids in the performance happened organically for the band.

“Steve always has extra tambourines, and he started handing them to kids so they could play with us,” Olsen said. “It was just a natural thing to include them.”

Klimack performed with many bands in the Cleveland area before moving to Ottawa County, and Olsen formerly played with bands in Detroit, Columbus and Yellow Springs.

RiverFront Live, now in its tenth year, features live performances in downtown Port Clinton every Friday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The concerts are free, and the audience is welcome to purchase dinner from one of Port Clinton’s many popular restaurants to enjoy at picnic tables during the concerts. For more information on upcoming concerts, visit www.mainstreetportclinton.org.

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