2022 Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners

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Shirley Stary, the Director of Arts Programming at Lakeside Chautauqua, sorts the dozens of entries in the annual Pumpkin Carving Contest at the Marblehead Lighthouse Festival on the Marblehead Peninsula. (Photo by D’Arcy Patrick Egan)

Best Child Design (8 & under)

Graham McEnery: ‘Zombie’ (age 4)
Aria Bundy: ‘Bat Pumpkin’ (age 7)
Griffin Glusko: ‘George’ (age 7)

Best Youth Design (ages 9-12)

Lauren Freeman: ‘Crazy Eye’ (age 9)

Best Teen Design (ages 13-17)

Jessie Honeycutt: ‘Dots’

Best Painted Design

Ella Gifford: ‘Autumn Mandala’
Jane Andrews: ‘Horse Farm’ (age 11)

Best Lakeside-Inspired Design

Heather Doughty: ‘Lakeside Anniversary Clock’
Norah Kimbrell: ‘Pretty Patio Donut’ (age 11)

Best Design Pumpkin/Natural Materials

Jace Bendler: ‘Jack the Monster’ (age 6)
Ave Bundy: ‘Theodore’ (age 11)

Best Use of Props

Estella Veith: ‘Princess Pumpkin’ (age 4)
Jay Steley: “M & M Catastrophe’

Best ‘Sports Inspired’ Design

Christie McClellan: ‘Brutus’
Makena Cazal: ‘Ohio State Halloween’

Best Hero Design

Everleigh Glusko: ‘Spiderman’ (age 12)
Tristyn Morrow: ‘Fire Fighter’

Most Royal Design

Averie Waite: ‘R.I.P Queen Elizabeth’   (age 5)

Punniest Pumpkin

Corbyn Antrim: ‘Killer Pumpkin Pie’

Most Creative Design Overall

Vivian Kimbrell: ‘Lakeside Baby’ (age 9)
Luna Veith: ‘Crazy Silly Pumpkin’ (age 4)

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