Rain, wind still a problem, but walleye fishing consistent

Jun 19, 2019 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

By Mark Cahlik

I want to start by apologizing for this week’s report, only because it is pretty much the same as the last two weeks. I will, however, give you a few different tips that will help rain or shine.

If this rain and wind doesn’t stop by next week, I will be handing out tips on how to catch walleye from Perry Street in downtown Port Clinton. With the wind and rain, the Lake Erie water has become very dirty and we haven’t been able to venture out very far.

But when we do get out, we’ve been catching limits of walleye.

Just like the last few weeks, walleye have been hitting up on the Canadian line between North Bass Island and Middle Island. As of Sunday, walleye have been hitting west of the islands. Our tactics have been about the same, as well.

A majority of fishing guides have been recommending casting the “weapons,” or small spinner rigs tipped with a piece of nightcrawler. Because of the winds though, we started using bottom bouncers to weigh down the spinner rigs, rather than a barrel sinker.

Bottom bouncers are an art in themselves. They work best with “whippy” fishing rods, much like the ones you would use when bluegill fishing. We use these because we use bottom bouncer weights that range from 2 to 5 ounces.

When walleye inhale the bait, they bend the rod with out feeling the line. When using a bottom bouncer, you are going to want to just drop it to the bottom and bring it up about 1 to 5 cranks of the reel. Use a three foot harness behind the weight. Remember to just drop the line in and do not cast it. Run the line through your fingers so that the line does not get tangled.

When the weather has cooperated, trolling has been good straight up the middle to the Canadian line. West of the Islands and the dumping grounds off of Cedar Point have been hot spots as well. Tru-Trips and spoons are still the favorite. You will want these to be about 50 to 80 feet back.

Through all the wind and rain, one fish has remained strong and that is the catfish. The favorite spots to hook into some catfish have been the old Bay Bridge access on Sandusky Bay and the Port Clinton Pier on the Portage River. The favorite baits to use have been nightcrawlers, raw shrimp and what we call “catfish gunk”, which is manufactured catfish bait that comes in a jar or package.

The crappie and bluegill are in the marinas now as well. You can get these by either dropping your line straight down or by using a bobber. Use piece of nightcrawlers or even small pieces of minnows or goldies.

When you are out on the lake, be mindful of other boaters and be careful. Always have fun. Until next week, keep a tight Iine!

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