Hubbard Pickleball Center now open to Lakeside visitors

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In support of the concepts laid out in the Master Plan, and made possible by the generosity of many Lakeside families and pickleball enthusiasts, Lakeside Chautauqua is thrilled to announce the dedication of its new Hubbard Pickleball Center July 6.

The family-friendly nature of the game comes from the fact that it was designed by a family for their own use in 1965. The purpose was to give all ages an activity to participate in. The name came from the family dog, Pickles, who loved to chase down the stray balls.

The Hubbard Pickleball Center provides a lively environment for Lakeside residents and guests to enjoy. Purchasing a Daily, Friday, Saturday or Season Chautauqua Pass includes admission to Lakeside Chautauqua and the Hubbard Pickleball Center.

Located south of the Williams Tennis Campus, this new state-of-the-art facility includes eight dedicated pickleball courts and a central gathering pavilion surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

The idea of a Pickleball Center was first introduced two years ago as Lakeside was laying out preliminary concepts of the Master Plan, and pickleball lovers were investigating the possibility of building courts. Soon after, the Lakeside Chautauqua Board of Directors named a Pickleball Taskforce to explore costs and a potential location.

Taskforce members included: Mike Bettencourt, Doug Bohl, Jeff Chaney, Jeff DePerro, Eric Fudo, Dick Hubbard, Tom Jones, Kim Miraldi, Margie Shade, Mike Swallow, Liz Williams, Randy Snow, Bill Drackett, Gretchen Colon, Dan Dudley and Kevin Sibbring.

While the taskforce researched, Lakesiders began to raise funds with the assistance of the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation. As we dedicate this new facility, we’re deeply grateful to the many generous Lakesiders and diligent taskforce members. Without their passion, vision and financial support, these courts would not have come to fruition.

Lakeside would like to especially thank the Hubbard family for their transformational gift to the campaign, as well as all the families who stepped forward to make this possible.

Pickleball is a game that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The sport has become a trending activity in our community and around the country. Like any amazing Lakeside pastime, a hallmark of this game is that it’s fun for all ages and skill levels.

Compared to tennis, it has a lighter ball, a smaller court and less expensive equipment. This means that rounds can last a lot longer and getting started in the sport is easier.

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