Immaculate Conception students are UPSTANDERS!

Nov 6, 2019 | Schools | 0 comments

Students standing in a line passing an inflatable beach ball

The students at Immaculate Conception School make a beach ball travel up and down  a human chain to demonstrate the amazing things that happen when everyone works together.

An assembly by Midwest School Shows entitled “Upstanders Rock!” visited Immaculate Conception School recently with a wonderful presentation on positivity and kindness. “Upstanders Rock” was a high energy and interactive assembly that helps students understands that they have a responsibility to be Upstanders (not bystanders) in their school.

The students quickly understood this will help keep their school safe and bully-free. Students were invited to dress up as adults in a demonstration about reporting bullying to an adult they trust. The kids also created a larger than life video game on stage to illustrate life is not like a video game, and there are no do-overs.

Students were challenged to get rid things in their school like spreading gossip, teasing, and leaving someone out. Kindness is a prominent theme in the hallways of ICS. The school has made a true commitment to spread compassion and positivity to all they encounter.

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