A new team of women creates a new era for The Beacon

Mar 26, 2024 | Featured, Business | 2 comments

President Ali Hermes has assembled a team of women at The Beacon that bring unique skillsets to the paper. They are, from left, Assistant Editor of Community Calendars, Corrie Shiplett; Editor Sheri Trusty; Hermes; and Account Executive Gina Monak-Miller. (Photo by Doug Hise)


A new entrepreneurial team of women is leading The Beacon into a new era, and they are ready to honor the 40-year legacy of the newspaper while upscaling its mission and updating its operations. The newspaper that found a trusted place in local homes for four generations by promoting the area’s incredible residents and businesses is stepping into a fresh season of community news. As a women-operated business, The Beacon will continue to be the neighborhood voice of Northwest Ohio, but its mission has grown into something more.

Operated under the team of President Ali Hermes, Editor Sheri Trusty, Account Executive Gina Monak-Miller and Assistant Editor of Community Calendars, Corrie Shiplett, The Beacon has become an advisor and advocate for its clients and readers as it infuses humanity into the operations.

As president of The Beacon and North Coast Business Journal, Hermes created a business model of respect and integrity that drew Trusty, Monak-Miller and Shiplett to her side. Hermes leads with a hands-off approach, giving The Beacon women the freedom to bring their best to the business.

“I trust them. They know how to do their jobs well,” Hermes said. “We’re a cohesive team. We all play an important part.”

The part each one plays has evolved under Hermes’ leadership. As editor, Trusty has the freedom to bring compassionate creativity to the editorial department as she sits in the living rooms of residents’ homes and talks across countertops to businessowners.

“It’s an incredible privilege to hear their stories and then share them with the world,” Trusty said. “I always say I have the best job in the world because I get to meet the best people.”

As the account executive, Monak-Miller is tasked with selling advertising space in the paper. But in this new era of The Beacon, her role has transformed from salesperson to advisor. Monak-Miller’s benevolent approach helps her clients recognize her desire to advocate for their businesses. The new Beacon partners with clients to help bring customers to their doors.

A new entrepreneurial team of women is creating a fresh start for The Beacon while honoring its strong and successful 40-year history. That team consists of, from left, Assistant Editor of Community Calendars, Corrie Shiplett; President Ali Hermes; Editor Sheri Trusty; and Account Executive Gina Monak-Miller. (Photo by Doug Hise)

“I offer a service. I want to help them grow their business,” Monak-Miller said. “I’ve become friends with many of my clients.”

Shiplett is the region’s premier entertainment promoter. She has a passion for informing Beacon readers about upcoming events and activities across The Beacon’s readership region. Shiplett is a nurse, student, wife and mother, and yet she has chosen to be a part of The Beacon team.

“I enjoy what I do, and I like working with Ali, Gina and Sheri,” Shiplett said.

Although Hermes brought many progressive changes to the business, one thing is still the same. The Beacon remains a free community newspaper that operates exclusively on advertising dollars. The paper provides entertainment, information, community connection and a friendly venue to promote positive, local news – all for free.

“We want to thank all those who support The Beacon, both the readers and the advertisers,” Hermes said. “You are the reason for The Beacon’s longevity, and we hope to continue that connection for another 40 years.”

The success of the new Beacon under Hermes’ leadership has opened doors for expansion, and today, The Beacon can be picked up for free in several counties across Northwest Ohio, including Ottawa, Sandusky, Huron, Erie and Seneca.

The Beacon is thriving under its new entrepreneurial team of women who care deeply for its readers and advertisers. Hermes, Trusty, Monak-Miller and Shiplett are passionate about creating a newspaper with an editorial voice that sounds like a trusted friend.

“We’re a 40-year tradition with a new team, new ideas and a new characteristic,” Hermes said. “The Beacon is looking forward to many more years of partnering with old friends and new ones.”

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