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Circulation Verification Council Audit report – Effective Mar. 1, 2021:
Beacon Readers share:
• 2.25 average readers per paper.
Beacon has Life:
• 72% are kept greater than 3 days.
Beacon Readers are involved:
• 98.9% indicate they “regularly read or look through each issue.”
Beacon Readers are Upper Income:
• Nearly 82% have a $35,000+ income
• Over 61% have an income of $50,000+
• And 24% earn $100,000+
Beacon Readers use the ads:
• 84.9% of readers say they “frequently purchase products or services from ads…”
Better Educated:
• Over 59% of readers have attended or graduated from college.

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President & Publisher
Ali Hermes
email: ali@thebeacon.net

Sales Manager
Gina Monak-Miller
email: gina@thebeacon.net

Entertainment/Activities/Event Editor
Corrie Shiplett
email: corrie@ncbj.net

Editor (Press Releases/Letter to the Editor/Editor Appointments)
Sheri Trusty
email: sheri@thebeacon.net

email: classifieds@thebeacon.net

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