African Safari Wildlife Park raises nearly $1,000 to protect wild giraffe

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African Safari Wildlife Park is contributing $995 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), one dollar for each vehicle that passed through the Park’s gates between June 18-23, to celebrate World Giraffe Week and World Giraffe Day on June 21. Since the 1980s, wild giraffe populations have declined by nearly 30% due to habitat loss and degradation, human hunting, and climate change.

The GCF is the only nonprofit in the world that focuses solely on protecting giraffe. The organization works to build a sustainable future for giraffe through conservation monitoring, field research, habitat protection, translocation and community education programs across 17 African countries.

“The giraffe is one of the world’s most iconic, beloved animal species,” said Park director Kelsey Keller. “We’re proud to do our part to protect these African giants from our corner of the world.”

The park is home to six male giraffe—Rudy, Lake Nakuru, Matata, Poptart, Stanley and Beacan—who serve as ambassadors for their counterparts in Africa. Park guests can “meet” and feed the giraffe in the Park’s Walk-Thru Safari and Drive-Thru Safari, as well as the popular early-morning Giraffe Encounter.

This gift is the latest contribution in a long legacy of the park’s support of conservation programs through its Guardian of Wildlife nonprofit, which was incorporated in the 1980s. More than $28,000 has been donated to wildlife causes since 2016 alone. More information and donation opportunities are available at

African Safari Wildlife Park has been delighting families for over 50 years. The free-range Drive-Thru Safari features giraffe, bison, alpacas and deer. The Walk-Thru Safari, open seasonally, features kangaroos, porcupines, birds and educational animal programs. More information is available at

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