Allstate’s Kym Botson has insurance tips for home, auto

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Kym Botson of The Botson Agencies in Port Clinton has mentored home and auto owners searching for equitable insurance policies.

Kym Botson of The Botson Agencies in Port Clinton represents Allstate Insurance, and is eager to design the best policies to protect homes, autos — and lifestyles. To ensure that happens, Botson promotes adult education for her customers.

“You’ll get better rates for insurance if you study and understand the various plans for home and auto, condo and renters insurance, business, life and — especially in Vacationland — boat, ATV and motorcycle coverage,” said Botson, whose husband, Chris Botson, is in charge of the Allstate Office in Fremont.

Not all insurance rates are created equal, and some homeowners may not be aware of the policies they’ll need to prevent a disaster.

“Shop for insurance, including the most common, which is home and auto,” said Botson. “Bundle the policies for convenience, a better rate, or both, with rates are most always better when you bundle. That’s a reason our home policies are popular right now. It is difficult to find better deals than our auto policies.

Botson has three questions you should ask an insurance salesman.

No. 1: Get the straight scoop on liability coverage for home and auto. It’s the most economical protection, but too many settle for the minimum coverage, which may not cover your loss. Get the most you can afford rather than risking to find yourself in court, paying attorneys.

No. 2: Know the difference between flood insurance and water backup insurance, especially along the Lake Erie shoreline. When water comes up through the ground to flood your basement, flood insurance won’t cover it. If high water comes through the walls into your home, flood insurance will cover the damage, but not if water comes up through the ground to flood your home.

No. 3: Whole life vs. term insurance. Buy term insurance and you’re actually renting the coverage. Whole life insurance will kick back some interest over the years.

“Insurance is about the ‘what if?’” Said Botson. “Many older folks own their homes free and clear, and even though they may be sitting on a pile of money, they aren’t protecting their equity if they don’t have liability coverage.

“Parents with young drivers are especially vulnerable, and need more auto liability insurance.

The Botson Agencies are at 3979 E Knoll Crest Dr, Port Clinton. Call Kym Botson at 419-301-9193, which provides 24-hour access in an emergency.

“I answer my own cell phone, from calls to make a payments, obtain information on policies or advice on a teenager getting a driver’s license,” said Botson. “I want to be there for my customers, and have them know how grateful I am to have their business. I don’t take them for granted.”

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