Anita Cochran to ‘Fight Like a Girl’ with breast cancer benefit

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Anita Cochran’s “The Love Anchors” Breast Cancer Benefit sponsored by The Magruder Hospital Foundation will be Sunday, June 16 at 6:30 p.m. at The Listening Room at Our Guest Inn in Port Clinton. Tickets are $25. Reservations will be needed.

When Anita Cochran sings her hit single, “Fight Like a Girl,” at a benefit concert on Sunday, June 16 at The Listening Room in Port Clinton, she’ll mean it.

The country singer’s appearance here is a breast cancer benefit sponsored by The Magruder Hospital Foundation and University Hospital Seidman Cancer Physicians at Magruder Hospital. All ticket sales will be donated to assist breast cancer patients and breast cancer research, fighting a disease that sidelined Cochran more than two years ago.

“It’s so gratifying to be able to tour and sing again,” said Cochran by telephone from her home in Nashville, Tenn. “After the diagnosis and beginning chemotherapy, I thought I was going to have to quit. I got so sick from the chemo all I could do was go from my bed to the coach. I didn’t have the strength to even pick up a guitar.”

Cochran stuck with it, fought the pain and eventually underwent a double mastectomy a little over a year ago. Both breasts and one of her lymph nodes were removed.

“On Sept.19, 2018, I had my last chemo treatment and I got to ‘ring that bell,’ said Cochran. “I am in remission and I’m now moving forward to try to help others ‘ring that bell.’”

Cochran created The Love Anchors Fund on her web site, a vehicle for helping other women with breast cancer and to raise funds for breast cancer research. She appeared last year on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts, also a breast cancer survivor, and wowed the national audience with her dynamic performance.

“What no one knew was how much I was in pain during that performance,” said Cochran, with a laugh. “The night before, while walking in the subway, I fell and cracked a few ribs. I was really in pain, but I wasn’t going to miss performing the next morning.”

While the song “Fight Like a Girl” is about Cochran’s battle with breast cancer, the disease is never mentioned in the song. That was on purpose, she said.

“I wanted to appeal to the masses,” she explained. “I wanted it to be a song that inspired everyone, from struggling single mothers to breast cancer survivors or even someone trying to get a job promotion. I’ve heard from so many women who were inspired by it.”

More importantly, every time the song is downloaded from Amazon, iTunes or GooglePlay, it means Cochran donates more funds for breast cancer research.

Cochran is eager to return to Port Clinton for Sunday’s show.

“I love the Port Clinton and Lake Erie Island area, and the smaller venue at The Listening Room,” she said. “It’s like sitting in my living room, talking about my songs and why i wrote them. This will be one of my first shows since getting back on the road, and I’m super excited.”

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