Ask Wylie 1-19-23

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Mr. Wylie Walleye and Friends,

I noticed that we are not getting the paper at our residence this winter. I was wondering if there was a place where I can get them or even a way to get them mailed to me.

Thank you, 
Judy S.


Helloooo Ms. Judy, 

I consulted with the resplendent and perspicacious Director of Operations at The Beacon while swimming the shores of Lake Erie these last two weeks. We discussed quite a bit about this GREAT free community newspaper. It was explained to Peachy Perch and myself that The Beacon will not be delivering to residents in the off season anymore BUT is hoping to return in May.

They are offering a WONDERFUL Beacon VIP service for $1.25 per week ($65 for the year) to have The Beacon mailed directly to your requested address.

There were an abundance of calls requesting this since it was posted in The Beacon newspaper, and also The Beacon Facebook page! One individual even said they preferred direct mailing as it saved her a trip to the end of her driveway during the winter storm.

Take advantage of this wonderful service!

If you are interested in receiving this Beacon VIP mailing service please call the office of The Beacon at 419-732-2154.

Wylie Walleye and Friends

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