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Hi Wylie the Walleye,

This is a very random question but I have to ask it. I have seen many businesses on Facebook advertising and stating we should all support local businesses.
Why do I not see ads for these businesses in the Beacon? You are a small business as well, so shouldn’t they support The Beacon as well by advertising?

Tonia K.

Welll Helllllo Tonia K.,

That is a very good question! My friends Perchy Peach and Carl Catfish have asked me that themselves while we relax on the banks after a nice swim around Lake Erie and Ottawa County. We often wish we could reach more than our weekly 25,000 readers.

We want them to know that social media definitely does not have the informative local stories we gather for The Beacon, as well as the wonderful live entertainment listings, local sports and all of the fun happening in our own back yards and all around Ottawa County.

Many times my friends and I wonder if the community understands that without the newsy, friendly Beacon, a wide range of local stories would be non-existent. Let’s hope the small businesses of Ottawa County that are looking to expand their markets will also see to the value in our readership.

I am sure NO ONE wants to see The Beacon go away.

Thank you and let’s continue to support each other, one for all and all for one!

Wylie Walleye and my wonderful friends

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