Ask Wylie 11-9-23

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Dear Wylie,

I understand that the Best of the Best voting for awards is over, but can you tell me when the results will be posted online and in the The Beacon newspaper?


Well Helllloooooooo, 

It’s so very nice to hear from you Laura, it’s been such a long time since someone has asked my friends and I something about our delivery readerships.

The results for the Best of Best awards will be listed in the Thanksgiving Day edition of The Beacon on Thursday, Nov. 23. The results will also be shared with the community on The Beacon’s website on Wednesday, Nov. 22, as well as shared on our Facebook Page.

We sincerely hope that your favorite businesses were winners! We also wish you all are doing well, and and continue to send in your wonderful queries for us to investigate.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to more questions.

Wylie Walleye,
Peachy Perch, and Carl Catfish

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