Ask Wylie 4-13-23

Apr 12, 2023 | Sound Off | 1 comment

Hi Wylie,

I was wondering if you were going to have home delivery in the summer.  If so, when will it start?

Thank you, 
Val G. 


Well Hellooooooooo Val, 

We are looking at starting seasonal delivery.  We are currently looking for drivers for the residential routes. If the staff at The Beacon decides to start delivery during the season they will definitely announce it.

Currently, The Beacon is offering VIP services for mail. Call the office at 419-732-2154 to receive information on how to get The Beacon delivered to your mailbox.

Wylie Walleye

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  1. Jan

    Can we get the Beacon mailed to us out of Ottawa county? If so how much. Thank you!


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