Ask Wylie 4-21-22

Apr 20, 2022 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Mr. Wylie,

I am wondering if you can heat seal the paper before delivering it to us in the community so it does not get wet?


Well Hello there Stacey,

I have reached out to my local friends at The Beacon and my pals Peachy Perch and Carl Catfish. We wish we could offer this at the current moment but it is not an optimal solution for us based on The Beacon not being able to obtain a machine that does that for a reasonable price as a small business. When they become larger with more advertisers, I have been told that they will look further into it. For now, Carl Catfish suggests to call The Beacon office and ask to be taken off the delivery list and pick it up at one of the locations that has it on their newsstand. That could be beneficial to you until the heat seal is an option for this wonderful free community newspaper.

Have a swamy week on the banks of Lake Erie,
Wylie the Walleye


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