Ask Wylie 7-21-22

Jul 20, 2022 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Hi Wylie Walleye,

Have there ever been any celebrities that grew up in this area? Do any celebrities live here now? I hear lots of rumors that some well known singers/actors live in Lakeside/PIB?



Well Helllooooo Debroah, Perchy Peach, Carl Catfish and myself swam around the banks of Ottawa County and received quiet confirmation that Eric Clapton does have…or did have a place in Lakeside. A rumor that has always floated around Catawba Island also is that Kid Rock livves or once lived in the Cliffs. This is the best that I could do to verify your question. Hope this helps your piqued interest.

Thanks for sending in your
question to my friends and I,
Wylie Walleye

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