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Hi Wylie,

I am writing to just say that we absolutely love The Beacon.  I am not sure what has changed but the new section Coastlines is such an improvement from the old Summer on the Lake. It is very accurate and has more than just our county in it.  The fact that we can see what is going on all around this great lake is just superb.

I do not know about the rest of the community but keep it up and I hope to see many more businesses in the future advertising, I am not sure what we in Ottawa County would do if we lost such a great local newspaper. Please say Thank You! to whoever is responsible for these great new improvements.

With much appreciation,


Hellllloooo Tonya, 

I swam around the banks and talked to some community members, I also talked to some staff at The Beacon. They want to say Thank You! for the wonderful compliment and the staff really appreciated to know that our community members are seeing improvements.

The Beacon has so much more to offer and will be doing so within the next year and half. Until then, yes, more community support for the Local Hometown Newspaper is definitely needed, especially with all the new avenues they are researching to bring them into the improved version of this great 40-year-old newspaper the vast majority of the residents in our readership area loves.

No one person is taking credit for the success of improvements but one staff member did say, “If it was not for everyone doing their job and working so well as a team, The Beacon would not be what it is.”

Stay tuned for the new NEXT CHAPTER!!

Wylie Walleye and my Lake Erie Pals

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