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Dear Wylie Walleye,

What’s going on at 163 and Northshore and Englebeck Road? I’ve heard its going to be a roundabout whether we want one or not.a turn lane or a stop light during season would be a better solution to the traffic snarl .



Wellll Helloooooo Jim,

Peachy Perch, Carl Catfish and I did some swimming around the shores of Ottawa County in Lake Erie and discovered the answer to your question from a trusted source. ODOT Will begin construction on the roundabout at Rt. 163/North Shore/Englebeck after the summer rush is over in September. The utility lines have already been put in place. Many of the locals do not want a roundabout, but ODOT is adamant — and planning TWO roundabouts at the intersection of Route 2 and Route 53, one just off the highway and another at State Road. Watch for the article to come out written by our wonderful staff at The Beacon.

Have a great week,
Wylie Walleye and my wonderful lake friends.

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