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Dear Wylie Walleye,

I would like to offer my input on your paper’s distribution. Personally I love the paper and what it does for the community. Thank you for the excellent service you provide. I understand the costs to produce this commodity have increased and you would like to continue providing this valuable service in an economically feasible way. Some main issues that I assume are the cost of production, the cost of distribution, which have increased, the profits have been reduced due to inflation, the paper is online, and distribution is a major cost and it needs to be done in the most cost effective way. There are options that have been provided such as mail it out for an additional cost to the reader or changing to bulk delivery all together.

The concern I observe is that many people in Ottawa County are not year – round residents. This creates a problem of changing mailing addresses at the end of the season. The alternative to leave the paper in the elements when someone is not home is a problem also. as the paper becomes wet and unreadable. The paper is probably most important for advertisers and organizations who seek the business of part time residents and tourists. In our situation, I believe that bulk distribution would benefit us the most. I hope you have a wonderful day and end up with a great solution.

Doug and Kathy
A BIG Wylie Walleye Fan


Welllllll Helllooooo Doug and Kathy,

Yes, as you stated above we are looking at every way to keep costs lower to all our advertisers due to the price increase of production, staff, distribution and of course the inflation of the economy. I am glad to answer those great observations for you as you were right on all of them. I hope that readers see your effort to participate in this research and mail in the subscription options to help us make an informed decision that works best for our wonderful county along the banks of our wonderful Lake Erie.

Wylie Walleye
and my great lake fishy friends.

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