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Dear Wylie,

Asking for my neighbor who loves The Beacon, but doesn’t do email or computers. She reads the Beacon front to back every week, and loves talking about the news she finds there. But you’ve stopped listing the property transfers, and she misses it. Will they come back? I know they’re available online, but that does her no good.

Thank you,
Susan D.

Well, Helloooooo, Susan,

I was enjoying a swim swim around the banks of Ottawa County and ran into the Editor of The Beacon, D’Arcy Egan. His response is the following, which will definitely answer your question.

D’Arcy Egan, Editor: “We’ve had a very good record these days of featuring them because so many readers — including me — want to know what’s selling where, and for how much. They’re popular across the board.

“With editorial space quite tight in recent weeks, we’ve missed printing the Real Estate Transactions, instead putting them on The Beacon website. We put together our pages with advertising and a list of recommended editorial items — including the Real Estate Transactions — and unfortunately we sometimes run out of editorial space.”

Have a swarmy week,
Wylie Walleye

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