B-C-S- Board honors Oak Harbor state track athletes

Sep 6, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

Oak Harbor players receiving state track awards were, left to right, Bodee Miller, Blake Nickel, Wyatt Augsburger, Garry Brooks and Tyler Thompson, while presented by Coach Andy Augsburger.

The Benton-Carroll-Salem Board of Education honored State Track Athletes last week from the 2023 season last night.  Athletes included:

  • Garry Brooks, Judson Overmyer, Owen Miller, Hayden Buhro & Tyler Thompson (alternate) – 4 x 200 Meter Relay (11th Place)
  • Wyatt Augsburger, Judson Overmyer, Bodee Miller, Blake Nickel & Owen Miller – 4 x 400 Meter Relay
  • Molly Downs, Effie Schulte, Jaclyn Croy & Andrea Winke (alternate) – 4 x 100 Meter Relay (8th Place)
  • Will Rahm – Pole Vault (8th Place)
  • Hayden Buhro – 400 Meter (4th Place) & 100 Meter (7th Place)
  • Rylee McKitrick – 100 Meter (4th Place), 200 Meter (13th Place), 4 x 100 (8th Place)
  • Evan Hall – Shot Put (12th Place)
  • Wyatt Augsburger – 300 Meter Hurdles (9th Place)

The school board congratulated the student-athletes, recognizing their hard work, dedication and tenacity that brought them to success while representing the B-C-S community.

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