B-C-S Superintendent Cathy Bergman offers academic advice to parents

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In the Rocket Report published online by Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools, B-C-S Superintendent Cathy Bergman offered the following advice to parents to help keep their kids’ academic skills sharp over the summer.

The “summer slide,” or the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the summer break, is a common concern for parents and educators. Here are some strategies to combat the summer slide:

Set Aside Time for Learning: Designate a specific time each day for learning activities. This can be in the morning or afternoon, depending on your family’s schedule.

Create a Summer Learning Schedule: Establish a routine that includes a balance of academic activities, outdoor play and leisure time.

Incorporate Fun Learning Activities: Make learning enjoyable by incorporating hands-on activities, games, and experiments. Choose activities that align with your child’s interests and preferences to keep them engaged.

Encourage Reading: Set reading goals for the summer and create a reading list with your child. Visit the library regularly to borrow books, participate in summer reading programs, and engage in discussions about the books they read.

Utilize Educational Resources: Take advantage of educational websites, apps and online learning platforms that offer interactive lessons and activities in various subjects.

Explore the Outdoors: Use outdoor exploration as an opportunity for learning. Go on nature walks, visit parks and gardens, and engage in activities that promote scientific inquiry and discovery.

Keep Math Skills Sharp: Practice math skills through everyday activities such as cooking, baking and budgeting. Play math games and puzzles to reinforce concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Encourage Creativity: Foster creativity through art, music, writing and other creative outlets.

Lead by Example: Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and make it a family affair. Engage in learning activities together and show enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and concepts.

By incorporating these activities into your summer routine, you can help prevent learning loss while also creating lasting memories with your children. Here’s to a wonderful summer filled with joy, and laughter.

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