Bataan announces Terrific Kids

Mar 11, 2020 | Schools | 1 comment

In cooperation with the Port Clinton Kiwanis Club, Port Clinton City Schools recognizes outstanding elementary students as “Terrific Kids.” Terrific Kids are monthly selected in each class to recognize students for working to the best of their ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, display honesty, or attendance.

The following have been honored as Terrific Kids in February 2020

Bataan Memorial Intermediate: Alyssa Fouts, Aliyah Condrich, Thomas Dowling, Nick Hanes, Avery Madison, Evan Neff, Manuel Rios, Kerigan Collins, Shantha Weit, Mason Dague, Adriana Taylor, Bailee Hoag, Gabe Garza, Julian Garza, Angel Martinez, Liam Johnson, Torrie Hatlay, Gavin Covey, Brooke-Lynn Lattimore, Calliegh Pean, Lee Warnke, Eli Cuevas, Aleah Isaac.

Bataan Memorial Primary

Lucas Howell, Gannon Schenko,Isabella Bower, Logan Maag, Rayne Mattlage-Lehr, Alexis Borton, Jace Meads, Audra Reineck, Nora Greener, Hailie Fletcher, Easton Stout, Lane Carmon, Ben Crawford, Keisha Curry, Jasmine Eliyas, Kenidy Clark, Laila Ford, Miguel Pina, Mario Guerra, Charlotte Ireland, Nolan Verkin, Hayden Spencer.

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  1. John Stryker

    Wow. Great see your name on the list, Aliyah. You are a terrific kid!


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