Bataan gets the wiggles out with ‘movement path’

Oct 2, 2019 | Schools | 0 comments

Third grader Noah Solis traces the spiral, part of the Bataan Memorial Intermediate School’s “movement path” for students.

Sometimes students need to refocus, get up and move around and even “get the wiggles” out at some point during the day. Knowing this, Bataan Intermediate teachers Lacy Schimming, Lindsay Lohman, Amber Rhode, Brittany Taylor, along with occupational therapist Cheri Sergeant, created a movement path for students.

In the hallway are colorful shapes and directions for students to complete the path. At any point during the school day when a student needs to refocus, the teacher can ask if they want to try the movement path. After they jump the lily pads, tip toe, and trace the circle, most are ready to return to class ready to learn.

To see more about the movement path visit Port Clinton School District website or see the video on the Port Clinton School District YouTube Channel.

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