Bataan honors January’s ‘Terrific Kids’

Feb 3, 2021 | Schools | 0 comments

In cooperation with the Port Clinton Kiwanis Club, Port Clinton City Schools recognizes outstanding elementary students as “Terrific Kids.” Terrific Kids are selected in each class each month to recognize students for working to the best of their ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, display honesty, or attendance.

Students honored as Terrific Kids in January were:

Bataan Primary: Nathaniel Ireland, Zachary Tallman, Hunter Hutchinson, Silas Darr, Grace Millhouse, Talon Johnson, Hayden Fouts, Logan Bailey, Emerson Berry, Lucas Howell, Hayden Winningham, Piper Mominee, Teighan Wolfe, Gannon Schenko, Vada Miller, Hannah Dingus, Hailey Dodge, Landon  Fuhr, Kenidy Clark, Chloe Granlund, Max Amos, Jaclyn Gressman, Mila Miller, Angel Howard, Jewels Ferback, Andrew Bailey, Hayden Spencer.

Bataan Intermediate: Shane Nystrom, Eli Bazar, Lillian Hildreth, Abbi Edmonds, Seven Paige, Blake Benes, Autumn Marez, Sebastian Velasquez, Max Tupa, Orion McCall, Caden Millhouse, Thomas Dowling, Dean Coppeler, Audrey Rohrer, Aiden Miller, Kerigan Collins, Ella Bodi, Ava Goff, Dashia Shelton, Lyric Jackson, Emily McFadden, William Gorney, Taylor Allen, Elyjah Schaffner, Nevaeha Havens.

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