Bataan students taking a walk in someone else’s shoes

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Bataan Elementary School students in Stephanie Kreilick’s classroom are having the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. With the help of Meleny Bonnell, a social worker at the Riverview Healthcare Campus. students experienced what it is like to feel old.

Kreilick had students put coins in their shoes and walk around to mimic some of the common effects of aging. In addition, darkened goggles were used to imitate sight issues,and earplugs to demonstrate loss of hearing.  Students also completed a puzzle and wrote their names with their fingers taped together, demonstrating aloss of motion due to arthritis.

The classroom activity was to prepare students for their visit to Riverview Healthcare Campus. Krielick wanted the children to be aware of the many common factors of aging to help students interact with their elder friends.  They discussed words in the classroom such as “empathy” and “compassion.”

During their visit to Riverview, students used their classroom knowledge to read to residents.  Their next visit on Dec. 20 will have them singing Christmas Carols. Kreilick will ask students to write to the residents and is planning a few more student visits.

Bataan students taking a walk in someone else’s shoes
Bataan Memorial Elementary School second grade student Masyn Zibert reads to Hilda Michel at Riverview Healthcare Campus. Students in Stephanie Kreilick’s classroom have a new collaboration with Riverview and their residents.

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