Black Swamp birders building international youth network

Jan 20, 2021 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory team is working with an international group of young birders to build the Young Birders Network (YBN). The YBN aims to connect young birders from around the world, offering a safe place for communication and providing resources and opportunities to meet their needs.

Amidst a climate of distance and disconnect, this inspiring group of teens is building a global community for youth based on their shared passion for birds, reports Executive Director Kimberly Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Oak Harbor.

The youth network will offer a safe online environment to foster communication and collaboration. All aspects of the program tap into the talent and energy of young birders. With the support of the BSBO team, the young birders leading this effort have created a fantastic logo, a new website, and social media platforms.

They’re also leading regular virtual meetings. Created by young birders for young birders, BSBO’s goal is simply to pave the way for the energy, enthusiasm, and talent these remarkable young people bring to birding.

“BSBO has been working with young birders for nearly three decades. We’ve become an internationally recognized leader in youth birding programs,” said Kaufman. “We are thrilled, and quite frankly, very proud that this group of exceptional young people entrusted us with their time, talent, and energy. We intend to put our full reach behind their efforts to build the Young Birders Network, and we look forward to bringing together young people from around the world to share their love of birds.

“We encourage you to like, share, and follow this incredible new project as the network and its youth leaders continue to build the YBN community.”

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