CEO Program at PCHS gives students real world experience

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The Career Engagement Opportunities program at Port Clinton High School allows students to explore various career fields.

The CEO internship program at Port Clinton High School stands for Career Engagement Opportunities, helping students not only receive high school credit, but also earn scholarship money through the Ottawa County Business Advisory Council.

This program allows students to explore different career fields with job shadowing or internship experiences. The purpose of CEO is to allow students the opportunity to explore different career fields, giving them the knowledge to make well-informed career decisions.

Scholarships are available for students who complete the program. Port Clinton High School is grateful to the area businesses welcoming students into the CEO program.

Thanks to the Ottawa County Sanitary Engineering Department, Elijiah Burkholder was able to learn more about a future in engineering. Marie Gluth had the opportunity to learn more about manufacturing and communications through her CEO experience at Crown Battery in Fremont. Cooper Kowal will pursue a career in electrical trades after his internship at Graymont/Davis Besse. Soderberg & Brenner CPA’s and A.T. Emmett welcomed Kyle Coleman for his career exploration.

And Chase Barton and Rok Scott received job training in the technology field by working with Port Clinton City School District Technology.

To be a part of the programs, students simply complete an application and identify career fields that pique their interest. Students meet with school personnel to discuss and determine what placement would work best for them.

There are either 60- or 120-hour CEO job shadowing and internship opportunities geared toward juniors and seniors. For more information, or a possible career placement site, contact Assistant Principal Anthony Panfalone at 419-734-2147, Ext. 2 or

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