Chelsea ‘Octo Girl’ Bennice in Port Clinton Alumni Hall of Fame

May 4, 2022 | Featured, Schools | 0 comments

The Port Clinton High School Alumni Hall of Fame has inducted Dr. Chelsea Bennice into an elite group of Port Clinton High School alumni recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and contributions in their field. On Wednesday, May 4, Dr. Bennice will meet virtually with current students interested in Science and Marine Biology.

Bennice is also known as “Octo Girl” in OctoNation, a non-profit with the mission to inspire ocean exploration and conservation through octopus education. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook at Octo Girl. Following graduation with the Port Clinton High School Class of 2004, she earned a B.S. from The Ohio State University, and a M.S. and Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University. Bennice is a marine biologist, a science communicator and an educator.

Bennice is the Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Education Programs for Florida Atlantic University, Stiles-Nicholson Brain institute, and her experience includes Affiliate Assistant Scientist at the FAU Department of Biological Sciences, Voting Board Member for FAU’s Scientific Diving and Boating Program, Scientific Advisor/Editor for OctoNation.

Bennice has worked to secure more than $50,000 during her PhD to facilitate research, and had an integral role in securing more than $100,000 for FAU Brain Institute Educational programs.

Bennice’s published works include six peer-reviewed scientific articles and four popular articles. Her research has been highlighted in several podcasts, news articles and nature documentaries. She recently received an award for her underwater photography.

Bennice’s research interests include animal behavioral ecology and marine conservation, with a focus on octopuses and their relatives. She collaborates with scientists around the world on octopus projects to advance basic and applied sciences. During her free time, you’ll find her geared-up, ready to dive with her camera. She enjoys using underwater photography to share her passion for ocean sciences.

Nomination forms for the Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2023 are available online at the high school office or click on schools, high school, Academics, Alumni Hall of Fame. Applications must be received by Jan. 31, 2023.

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