Church of Truth Ministries celebrates 15 years of education and outreach

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Pastor Brian Hild speaks before his large congregation at the Church of Truth Ministries. Education is a key focus at the church.


Since the Church of Truth Ministries was founded in February 2008, Biblical education has been a foundational focus. Now, as the church celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, it can look around its building and see that education has impacted their relationships with God, each other and the community.

While Pastor Brian Hild continues to emphasize the study of Scripture, he also opens the church doors to those in need.

“The church’s mission is, more than anything, education. It’s teaching people the Bible. All churches have their niche, and ours is education,” Hilde said. “And along with education comes outreach.”

Nana’s Food Pantry, a ministry of the Church of Truth Ministries, serves between 200 and 300 people each month.

The church’s main ministries are Nana’s Food Pantry, which provides food for 200 to 300 people each month, and Truth Resale, which sells inexpensive clothing and household items. Many items are priced under $1.

“A lot of people who come for food can use inexpensive clothing,” Hild said. “We don’t do anything to make money. Our whole goal is to help people. We build relationships with the people who come in. The volunteers care about them and pray with them. Many people have come into the church because of the kindness they found in the food pantry.”

The Church of Truth Ministries is located at 3260 East State Rd., Port Clinton, inside the former Portage Elementary School building. To help pay utility and upkeep costs on the 38,000-square-foot building, the church rents space to vendors and small businesses. Information on services and ministries can be found at

Truth Resale sells inexpensive clothing and household items.

In addition to holding services every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., the church also has Home Church in private homes on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Home Churches are small group Bible studies that give Sunday morning worshipers the opportunity to build closer relationships. The Wednesday groups include dinner, prayer, communion and Bible study.

“it’s one of the most important things we do. Over half of the people in our church are involved in a Home Church,” Hild said. “Every person contributes. In a small group, you get to know each other better.”

“It’s one of the reasons we’ve lasted 15 years. It’s a family environment,” said church board member Bill Tuttamore.

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