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Several Miller siblings and cousin were among the youths who shot air rifle at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center on May 7. Shown here are, from left, Braden Michalak, Adrian Miller, Emma Miller, Victoria Miller, Will Miller, Landon Miller, Sarah Mix, Meghan Mix, Meredith Miller, Lauren Miller and Lyla Miller.


The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at Camp Perry provides the training marksmen need to excel at their sport, but it also offers something important beyond competition: the opportunity for marksmen of any level to have fun. This summer, CMP invites beginners and experienced marksmen to head to the range for a unique entertainment experience.

The Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry offers public air gun shooting every Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. and by appointment. CMP staff are on hand to walk beginners through the basics. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for high school students, seniors and guests with disabilities.

Guests can bring their own air rifles and air pistols. Sporter class air rifles can be loaned at no cost. National Match Air Rifles are available to rent for $5.

CMP Program Coordinator Alana Kelly helped create the Junior Rifle Club to encourage youths to join shooting sports.

Youth are welcomed with open arms, and CMP’s program coordinators, Alana Kelly and Ryan Hinson, are on hand to help them discover the fun of marksmanship. Kelly and Hinson are so dedicated to inspiring young marksmen that they formed the Junior Rifle Club at the CMP.

“There is no experience necessary and no start-up cost. They just have to buy pellets,” Kelly said. “We teach them marksmanship skills, and it culminates in a monthly match.”

The club grew quickly and soon drew 20 regular members.

“They’re awesome. They work hard. I love that,” Kelly said.

Emma Miller is one of many Miller siblings and cousins who joined the Junior Rifle Club.

The focus of the group is to teach basic skills and instill a passion for shooting.

“It’s never been about expectations or performance. I don’t care if you’re not scoring well,” Kelly said. “As long as you’re trying and having fun, I’m happy. That’s what it’s about.”

Still, skills can blossom quickly in a fun environment. Fourteen-year-old Meredith Miller began shooting air rifle in October, and she won the 2024 May Monthly Match against competitors from around the country. She said she couldn’t zero in on what gave her an edge in competition.

“I guess because I practice a good amount. I’ve been told I have a talent for it,” she said.

Meredith is among a large group of Miller siblings and cousins who joined the Junior Rifle Club. Meredith’s brother, Landon Miller, was the first to step into the sport, and his family followed behind.

“They’re all cousins, they’re all homeschooled, and they all practice at home,” Kelly said. “We’ve been lucky because their parents are very involved.”

Meredith is glad she followed in her brother’s footsteps. She soon fell in love with the sport.

Lyla Miller takes a shot down range.

“I like that it’s competitive,” she said. “A lot of it is mental. You have to think about it. It’s not just physical. You have to be mentally capable, too.”

Her sisters, fourteen-year-old Lyla Miller and 11-year-old Lauren Miller, also said they joined the sport after watching their brother shoot.

“It’s a fun sport,” Lyla said. “It builds on itself. You can always do better.”

Eleven-year-old Will Miller enjoys spending time with his cousins each week.

“I like talking to them and spending time with them,” Will said.

From left, Adrian Miller, Meredith Miller and Landon Miller work on their air rifle skills.

For the Millers, shooting together never gets old.

“It’s fun. We’re kind of a tight family,” said sixteen-year-old Victoria Miller. “We stay close.”

Although the Junior Rifle Club is on break for the summer, youths and adults are welcome to visit the air rifle range on Tuesday evenings. Summer fun continues when CMP hosts National Matches Air Gun events.

“We have music, a/c and wifi. It’s a relaxed environment,” Kelly said. “It’s for all ages. I’ve had kids come with grandparents and shoot side-by-side.”

For more information on summer fun at the CMP, visit

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