CMP’s Air Gun League Matches final results are listed

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Image or Air Gun Match participants

All ages are welcome to participate in the Monthly Air Gun Matches at Camp Perry in Ohio and in Alabama.


The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has wrapped up its series of Monthly Match League competitions for the 2019 season. The CMP Monthly Matches, where competitors have the opportunity to be ranked amongst other match participants from across the country, include a Junior 3×20, Junior 3×10, 60 Shot Air Rifle Standing and 60 Shot Air Pistol set of competitions.

A Monthly Match League recognizes the averages of repeat participants from both of CMP’s air gun ranges at Camp Perry in Ohio and in Alabama. The first three highest participants in the Monthly Match League receive plaques, while places one through five collect monetary prizes based on the number of entries.

Winning overall in the 3×20 Sporter event among 260 total entries was Samuel LeMaster, 18, of Montgomery, Ala., with an average score of 532.5. For his win, LeMaster received $200.

Following in second and earning a prize of $150 was Danielle Chapman, 14, of Piedmont, Ala., with a score of 526.3. Devyn Chapman, 13, claimed the third place spot and $100, with a score of 509.3.

Also recognized is the Most Improved Competitor. In sporter, Austin DeMerchant, 10, of Heflin, Ala., obtained the title.

In 3×20 Precision, Gavin Perkowski, 17, of Bolivar, Ohio, topped the field of 352 entries – compiling an average score 589.8. Perkowski claimed $250 for the win. Landing in a close second place position was Natalie Perrin, 17, of Coopersville, Mich., with a score of 588.5 to receive $200. Taking home a check for $125 in third was Katrina Demerle, 15, of Cincinnati, Ohio, with a score of 585.0.

James Shipley, 13, of Williamstown, W.V., was the Most Improved Competitor of the precision event.

The 60 Shot Rifle Match, attracting 426 entries overall, was led by Molly McGhin, 18, of Griffin, Ga., with a score of 618.2. She received $275 for her consistent performances. In an extremely tight battle for second, Andrew Duryea, 17, of Crossville, Ala., claimed the spot by only one-tenth of a point, with a score of 610.8. He received $250 for his efforts. Following in third was Katrina Demerle, with a score of 610.7 (earning $150), while Julie Klusmeier, 24, of Cincinnati, Ohio, just missed her chance at earning a plaque, with a score of 610.6 for fourth.

Most Improved in the 60 Shot competition was Lucinda Peters, 17, of Monroe, Ga..

Ramesh Basineni, 44, of Edina, Minn., topped the 60 Shot Pistol event, earning $150 and an overall average score of 551.3. In second, Mark Hayford, 64, of Tipton, Mich., reached a score of 543.0 for $100, as Renay Woodruff, 47, of Alexandria, Ala., took home $75 in third, with a score of 521.3.

Sydnie Gray, 17, of Howell, Mich., was the Most Improved Competitor of the event, which saw a total of 260 entries. Reagan Phillips, 16, of North Canton, Ohio, was High Junior of the match.

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