Comfort Station to enhance Lighthouse, Waterworks Park

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The Comfort Station Crew gathered at the Port Clinton Lighthouse this week to kick off a drive to construct a new restroom at Waterworks Park. From left to right are: Deb Prough, Debbie Hymore-Tester, Clair Jeremy, Kathy Buckingham and Dave Mehl. (Photo by D’Arcy Patrick Egan)


There are few things in a public park that are more essential than a “comfort station,” or restroom. You may not need one right at the moment, but when you do? That’s when you’ll be singing the praises of the Friends of the Port Clinton Parks.

What a Comfort Station it can be for those in need.

The Friends of Port Clinton Parks have experience in such things as comfort stations, said former mayor Debbie Hymore-Tester.

“That’s why the Friends of Port Clinton Parks had restrooms built at Lakeview Park a long while ago,” said Hymore-Tester. “It is hard to argue, but with the crowds we are now seeing every weekend at Waterworks Park, a Comfort Station is a must.”

The Friends of Port Clinton Parks will take the lead, along with the City of Port Clinton. Other civic groups are being ask to jump in, as well as businesses, groups and just regular citizens with a few bucks in their pocket.

Funding vehicles are being developed, to construct the 28-foot wide building with sinks, flush toilets, and perhaps a water fountain and outside showers for those pesky sandy feet after a trip to the nearby Lake Erie beach.

“We’re still getting the quotes, but we expect the restrooms will cost about $100,000,” said Hymore-Tester. “That’s quite a bit more than the restrooms at Lakeview Park, which cost $57,000, but that was a long time ago.”

The artists rendering of the new restrooms near the Port Clinton Lighthouse in Waterworks Park is done, and now its up to the Friends of Port Clinton Parks to raise the funds to complete it.

Romtec Inc., a Roseburg, Ore., company that built the Lakeview Park restrooms, will get this job as well.

Romtec, Inc. provides high quality parks and recreation and public utility buildings to public and private organizations in all 50 states. It believes every American park and recreation site is a special resource and that its customers deserve the most attractive and durable buildings to meet their unique project needs.

“The City of Port Clinton is taking care of the design and concrete pad for the restrooms,” said Hymore-Tester. “The Lighthouse Conservancy will provide the rest room fixtures, and the Friends of Port Clinton Parks are responsible for building the structure.”

Clair Jeremy of the Lighthouse Conservancy wants to make sure the roof lines of the Boat House on Derby Pond and the Comfort Station match, providing ambiance and connecting the architectures in a pleasing way.

The Friends of Port Clinton Parks can contract with a local company to assemble the Comfort Station, or have Romtec, Inc. do it.

There is an orange cone positioned just west of the Lighthouse Conservancy’s Boat House. That marks the spot where the city service department has located the perfect site for the Comfort State, according to underground water and sewer pipes.

The only decisions yet to be are who to hit up for the financial support, and Treasurer Dave Mehls is ready to accept donations at: Dave Mehl, 105 Hayes, Port Clinton 43452. And should the Comfort Station be heated.

“As of this morning, we have $15,130,” said Mehl. “Actually, I’m leaning toward heated restrooms.”

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