Cooler Lake Erie temps decrease algal blooms

Sep 23, 2020 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments

A harmful algal bloom (HAB) of Microcystis cyanobacteria is still present in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Satellite imagery shows it located along the Michigan coast to Brest Bay, along the Ohio coast to Catawba Island, and extending offshore up to 13 miles east from Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. Some chlorophyll is present in low concentrations spilling out of Sandusky Bay, along- and up to 4 miles offshore from Lake View Park. Recent samples indicate toxin concentrations are below the recreational threshold at all locations.

Water temperatures have dropped below 68 degrees, which should substantially decrease bloom concentrations throughout the week. Forecast winds will promote periods of mixing and minimize transport of remaining Microcystis concentrations through Thursday, Sept. 24.

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