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Ohio Liquor Control Commission shuts off bar liquor sales at 10 p.m.

The Ohio Liquor Control Commission has enacted a statewide emergency rule to limit liquor sales at establishments that serve alcohol for on-site consumption. The rule prevents the sale of alcohol at liquor establishments beginning at 10 p.m. each night. On-premises consumption must end by 11 p.m. Businesses may stay open, and establishments that sell food can continue serving meals until closing.

The new administrative rule was put in place after seeing outbreaks associated with bars across Ohio, including Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus.

“The problem is, bars, by their nature, lend themselves to a revolving door of people in close contact, oftentimes indoors, with interactions between many different people,” said Gov. Mike DeWine, “While this may have been fine during normal times, these are not normal times. We must make a change to curb social behaviors that will cause this virus to continue to spread.”

The commission was also asked to raise the number of liquor and mixed drinks permitted to be purchase for carryout with a meal from two drinks to three drinks.

Child care providers return to normal classes sizes on Aug. 9

The Ohio Department of Health is allowing child care providers in Ohio to return to normal, statutory ratios and class sizes beginning Aug. 9. Child care providers can either increase the number of children and staff to the normal rations or to maintain currently lower rations to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services(ODJFS) has financial incentives for providers to maintain smaller ratios and classroom sizes. Child care providers must have face coverings for all staff and children over 10; symptom and temperature checks when staff, chiffon arrive; washing hands throughout the day, frequent sanitation of high-touch services; and regular deep cleanings.

COVID-19 cases must to reported to the ODJFS and local health departments.

Mass gatherings in Ohio limited to 10 people

Ohio has combined its mass gathering guidance order into a stand-alone order of limiting mass gatherings in Ohio to 10 people.

“We have seen cases in recent weeks where outbreaks have been connected to informal social gatherings like birthday parties, neighborhood gatherings, graduation parties, weddings, funerals and gathering at people’s home,” said Gov. DeWine. The order will still permit Ohioans to go to work, worship, go to school and acquire goods and services, he said.

People in red or purple counties should avoid gatherings of any size. Take extra precautions at bars and nightclubs, where use of masks has been inconsistent. Protect anyone at home with serious medical conditions by distancing and wearing a mask. Makes sure groups are small, even with family and friends.

Erie, Lucas, Cuyahoga counties are among 13 counties at Level 3

There are no counties on Ohio’s Watch List, a Purple Level 4, but 13 counties are at Red Level 3, a high exposure and spread warning. They include Erie and Lucas counties, which are adjacent to Ottawa County.

More people are apparently wearing masks in Ohio’s urban counties to slow the spread of COVID-19; while many rural counties, such as Ottawa County, have significantly more spread taking place.

Northwest Ohio winery event results in 83 COVID-19 cases

A July 11 event at the Leisure Time Winery in Napoleon, Ohio in Henry County has been linked to 83 cases of COVID-19, reports the Henry County Health Department. Testing positive were 33 people from Henry County, 18 from Fulton County, 15 from Defiance County 13 from Williams County, 3 in Wood County and one in Lucas County.

Some were secondary cases, the result of someone at the winery becoming ill and infecting another person, said Bethany Wachter, a spokesman for the Henry County Department of Health.

The people were attending a live game show at the Leisure Time Winery hosted by Dave Zwayer, and the winery had reportedly limited the audience, provided hand sanitizer and installed other protections.

Few attending were wearing masks or practicing social distancing, according to reports.

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