Danbury manager Paula Shenkel keeps Senior Center staff covered

May 14, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Ottawa County Senior Resources workers on the front lines were struggling to keep their faces covered, despite a lack of much-needed faces masks to protect them for the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the country. The employees need, as usual, brought out the best in Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Senior Resources is an essential program around the county, serving home delivered and Grab and Go meals to local seniors. When mask availability was depleted by those on the front lines, Paula Shenkel, Danbury Senior Center site manager, decided she was going to help her fellow Senior Resources staff by making masks for the drivers, packers and senior center staff. But Shenkel did not stop there. Although senior citizens were encouraged to remain home, there are still seniors that needed food or needed to get medical treatment.

So Shenkel continued her mission. She wanted to make sure that seniors that requested or needed masks had them available. And she did not stop there. Shenkel has supplied masks to the Port Clinton Police Department, the Port Clinton Friendship Gas Station, HMS – Ohio Turnpike Food Plaza employees, and to anyone she sees who does not have one.

Shenkel has made hundreds of masks and has perfected her skills along the way. “You know me; I just had to help out,” she said. “I noticed the patterns, researched the options and thought…I can do this!”

Ottawa County Senior Resources and the citizens of Ottawa County are thankful for Paula’s generosity of spirit during these troubling times. She has made Ottawa County Senior Resources proud!

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