Danbury to rename ‘Rainbow Ridge’ after tragic fire

Dec 11, 2019 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

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When approaching the lower main entrance to Danbury Township’s Meadowbrook Marsh on Bayshore Road, the first view is that of a ridge overlooking the meadow, forest and pond. The Danbury Trustees will formally rename this portion of the preserve “Rainbow Ridge” in memory of the beloved wildlife that perished during a tragic fire on Thanksgiving Day 2019 at the home of neighbors, African Safari Wildlife Park.

The ridge will remain a serene area to reflect and forever remember the grief-stricken day our devastated community came together to collectively share their tears. As donations allow, Rainbow Ridge will have a commemorative sign, tall grasses, a bench, a memory box for all to share their thoughts and a path connecting to the main trail. The contents of the memory box will continually be placed on a special page of the township’s website. A public dedication will occur in late Spring 2020.

Donations will be accepted through March 3 in the form of check or money order payable to “Rainbow Ridge.” Cash will also be accepted. Donations should be mailed or delivered to either location of the Marblehead Bank: 709 West Main, Marblehead, Ohio 43440 or 259 Bridge Road, Marblehead, Ohio 43440. You may also use the bank’s night deposit box.

Contact Dianne Rozak with questions at 419-340-9359 or dianne@danburytownship.com

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