Danbury Twp. officials clarify storm shelter access

Jun 28, 2023 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

During local tornado warnings recently there was some confusion by Danbury Township residents who heard the local tornado warning sirens. People were trying to seek shelter in the new Danbury Township Fire Station or the Danbury Township Hall, which are designated storm shelters.

Any time the sirens are sounded — other than during the test that occurs the first Friday of each month at noon — only the front door under each building’s front arch (see graphic) will be opened.

That will allow township personnel to quickly direct residents to the safest area of the buildings.

Fire Chief Keith Kahler reported that people were pounding on other doors, which are always locked on the outside for security. During emergencies staff may be limited, but their first priority is to get those who enter the buildings to the safest point inside.

Danbury Township will also post this on its website and it will be in their next newsletter.

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