Despite new state rule, PIB against drinks to go

Jun 17, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

While Gov. Mike DeWine may be in favor of allowing to-go drinks around the state with carryout dinners, Mayor Jessica C. Dress of the Village of Put-in-Bay wants no part of it. On Friday, June 12, Dress issued a notice to island bar and restaurant owners that Put-in-Bay wants them to refrain from selling drinks out the door.

Dress said in her statement that during a ride-along with island police last week, the issue of open alcohol containers was rampant on Friday and problematic on Saturday.

“I certainly realize open containers originate from many other places besides bars and restaurants, and I do not have any knowledge of local businesses that are still selling to-go drinks,” said Dress, in a statement. “But I wanted to reach out and ask (bar owners and restaurants) for help and cooperation in keeping our island safe and welcoming to all.”

Port Clinton City Council last July unanimously passed its Main Street Outdoor Refreshment Area (MORA), with approval of Mayor Mike Snider the Port Clinton Police Department. The open container law applies to a limited downtown area where open containers of alcohol are allowed to be consumed outside the bars and restaurants.

The MORA law was similar to the DORA law in Toledo. The downtown DORA area is likely to be expanded this year.

Even though DeWine’s statewide order allowed takeout food orders to be accompanied by two covered alcohol beverages, Dress said the island wants to stop drinking and driving.

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