Dream of art classes now reality for Kris Hawk, Amy Kneisley

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Amy Kneisley and Kris Hawk want to help art enthusiasts gather, create and connect.

Sharon Sanger of Catawba; Diane Ballman of Marblehead and Cheri Warner of Danbury Township attend an acrylic class at the Crow’s Nest offered by artdock.org.

What do best friends and sisters-in-law do on a road trip? Create a business, of course!

That’s exactly what Kris Hawk of Westfield Village and Amy Kneisley of Catawba Island did two years ago, creating Art Dock LLC and artdock.org.

“Being in the car for hours at a time led us to dream about what could be,”said Hawk.

They wanted art classes close to home and easy to access. They wanted to figure out the who, what, when, where and how. So the two creatives developed the website artdock.org so students could find classes and instructors could share their talents.

The website is easy to navigate. Class sign-up is simple. In fact, the first class, held at the Crow’s Nest, a restaurant in Marblehead, had 17 students, who took home a painting worthy of hanging.

It’s simple for teachers to sign up as well. Art Dock takes care of all of the promotion, booking and student payment.  Community organizations can also promote their event for free on Art Dock.

Local artist Rebecca Booth is teaching acrylics and said, “It’s been a joy. It was easy to sign up as a teacher. All I had to worry about was getting there, teaching the class and making it fun. I have more classes booked through Art Dock. I’m thrilled.”

Several other artist instructors have signed up to teach on Art Dock, as well. Watch for batik and colored pencils.

Kneisley and Hawk believe that trying something new, something out of your comfort zone, lights a spark from within. They hope to light a spark with artdock.org in the Lake Erie Shores and Islands region – Ottawa, Erie, Huron and Sandusky counties.

​Melissa Zeiger from Sandusky has been to two classes and brought her friend, Tina Lorenz, with her to the second class. “I had so much fun. It was a good time interacting with everyone. The teacher was professional and funny,” says Zeiger.

Mary Ary and Johnny Ary of Port Clinton took a class as a Valentine gift to each other. “It’s good couple therapy,” said Ary, whose husband, Johnny, was the lone man in the class. “I love my wife,” he said. “If Mary likes this, I’m good with it.”

An artist herself, Sheri Warner of Danbury Township, shared that she learned some different techniques in the two classes she’s attended. “I came back for the second class and I’m coming back again because I’m learning,” she said.

Catawba resident, Sharon Sanger, a watercolor artist, said this was her first time working with acrylic. “It’s different and I need more practice, so I’ll be back. I need to let go!” Sanger posited.

Kneisley shared her excitement about the first class. “People did what we hoped – gathered, created and connected. The energy in the room was positive, with people learning, laughing, creating.”

For more information, go to artdock.org to find a class or sign up to teach.

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